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Anderson High School girls ask students with special needs to prom

WLWT Cincinnati logo WLWT Cincinnati 5/22/2019
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A group of girls at Anderson High School wanted everyone to be able to celebrate at this year's prom, so they took friends with special needs as their dates Saturday.

"We're all really close friends with all of them and we just have a really good relationship with all of them," said senior Erika Haines.

This year they wanted to make sure Mikey Kuhn went to prom like everyone else.

"He's a junior this year, so we wanted to make sure he got to go to the dance. So we asked him and then it kind of turned into, brought everyone," Haines said.

Photos show the group dressed to the nines and posing in Ault Park before dinner, where another surprise awaited them.

A generous stranger picked up the tab.

"The waiter came up to me and Maggie and was like, 'Your bill's been completely taken care of,'" said Haines.

John Wood is a junior and one of the dates in the group.

He gives the night two thumbs up.

"Going to prom is amazing," Wood said.

These friends look past differences and disabilities to see the good in others.

"They definitely are the most compassionate kids I know, and they truly love everyone. They're so sweet, and I think that us having them as dates, we just want them to have experiences we have," Haines said.

The girls have also taken these young men as dates to other dances, such as homecoming.

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