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'Andi Mack' first look: Who is the best dancer in class?


The best dancer in the Mack family? It's Cece, but that's just our opinion.

Lauren Tom, who plays the cautious and overprotective matriarch Celia (aka Cece) on Disney Channel's "Andi Mack," knows a thing or two about dancing, having been cast in the Broadway musical "A Chorus Line" at the age of 18. As it turns out, Celia isn't afraid to let loose on the dance floor, either.

In this week's episode Bex (Lilan Bowden) is jealous with the amount of time Celia and Andi (Peyton Elizabeth Lee) are spending together, so she wants in on their action. Turns out their action is a hip-hop dance class.

In this clip, seen first on MSN TV, the Macks hit the dance floor, and to everyone's surprise, Cece's got some moves!

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Tom, known for her roles in "The Joy Luck Club," "Supernatural," as well as years of voiceover work, couldn't hide her excitement in filming this scene, and it was an instant flashback to her first job  "I was in heaven, and didn’t realize that reconnecting with dance would bring me so much joy to the point where I was giddy," says Tom. "Hopefully that joy is transmitted on screen. I felt like I had an involuntary smile plastered on my face from ear to ear."

The scene is more than a fun dance clip, though, as it provides a look another side of Celia, one that Bex and Andi don't see enough, if at all. Tom says it is a reminder children don't necessarily see their parents as people "with talents and foibles." 

"It’s a joy for me personally, and as the character of Cece, to express being more fun and free, and to see Andi and Bex discover this as well," Tom explains. "The dance scene reflects that in the case of Celia, the fact that she can be so controlling and intense reveals the depths of her capacity for the opposite—being free and light."

ANDI MACK – Disney Channel’s “Andi Mack” stars Lauren Tom as Celia Mack. (Disney Channel/Craig Sjodin) © Craig Sjodin/Disney Channel ANDI MACK – Disney Channel’s “Andi Mack” stars Lauren Tom as Celia Mack. (Disney Channel/Craig Sjodin) This has been one of Tom's favorite scenes to shoot in the series, if not one of the more painful ones physically. "I felt like a teenager again—in my mind of course! My body begged to differ. When we finished shooting the scene, Peyton pranced away like she had just strolled leisurely around the block. I, on the other hand, didn’t want anyone to see or know that I could barely walk, I was so sore! I would not have traded it for the world though. Jeffrey [Louizia], our choreographer, had an infectious, bubbly, positive, fun, encouraging energy, and we all felt uplifted by his presence." 

We'd be okay with more dance class scenes in this series, just sayin'.

The "Andi Mack" episode "There's a Mack in the Shack" airs Friday Jan. 19 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on Disney Channel.

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