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Better Call Saul's Rhea Seehorn Addresses Potential Kim Wexler Spinoff

MovieWeb logo MovieWeb 5/29/2022 Jeremy Dick
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What will Breaking Bad fans do when Better Call Saul comes to an end? Perhaps they can give Kim Wexler a ring. As it stands, the future of Kim, played on the acclaimed series by Rhea Seehorn, is a complete mystery. Her ultimate fate will presumably be revealed in the final six episodes of Better Call Saul's sixth and final season, which returns to AMC in July.

Many fans have really taken to the Kim Wexler character over the course of six seasons, and the fan favorite has come up a lot with fans speculating where the next potential Breaking Bad spinoff series could go. Kim may or may not live to the end of Better Call Saul, but even if she doesn't make it, another prequel following her specifically could expand further upon the "world's greatest" lawyer's mysterious backstory. But will this be what happens?

Seehorn recently addressed the possibility in a new interview with Deadline. Of course, the actress cannot get into any spoilers concerning what happens with Kim in future episodes of Saul. She does, however, point out how series creators Peter Gould and Vince Gilligan have already said they're open to exploring more stories in the Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul universe, and that includes a possible Kim Wexler series.

"You know, Peter and Vince have said publicly that though they feel that there are stories, mine included, that are worthwhile to continue to tell, that they do want to step away from this franchise for a beat. So that’s all I can say about that. You’d have to ask them for specifics beyond that. Nobody is being coy about anything, but I’m also very grateful that they and fans feel like there is an ellipse to who Kim is and who Kim was."

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Kim Wexler's Mysterious Background Is Part of Her Appeal

We are six seasons into Better Call Saul, but there is still so much that fans do not know about Kim Wexler's story. Previous flashbacks have shown that she met Jimmy McGill (Bob Odenkirk) while the two were working in the mailroom at HHM's law offices, but it's never been explained how she wound up in Albuquerque. One flashback from her youth featured Kim getting left to walk home after refusing to get in the car with her alcoholic mother, while a newer flashback revealed young Kim participating in petty theft with her mother's help.

Seehorn and the Saul team feel that keeping Kim so mysterious throughout the series has actually increased her popularity with fans. The actress had previously brought up the idea of showing more of Kim's backstory and was told that it might affect her "allure."

"I have always agreed with Peter when I had asked him like, 'Are you doing a lot of like flashbacks or answering this question or that question?' He said part of the allure of Kim is that she is inscrutable and enigmatic at times and she is as complex as we think she is. She is all of these things that we’re thinking, and if you answer too many of those questions, you sort of crush that."

Better Call Saul returns to AMC and AMC+ on July 11, 2022.


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