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Big Brother 2022 spoilers: Who won the Final HOH Round 2?

Bolavip US 9/24/2022 Ariadna Pinheiro
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Big Brother 24 has started its countdown to Sunday's final episode. Now, the results of the final competitions for the HOH are in. We already know who won R1 and also R2. Here you can find out that HG is the finalist for R3.

Big Brother 24 is just one day away from its final episode and during yesterday afternoon we had a Memory Lane special that has mobilized and excited the remaining guests and the fans that have been following the show since the first week. Now the emotional moment is over and the HGs are waiting to compete in R3.

It was also time to vote for America's favorite. Voting is now available on and has 10 split votes in total until Sunday, September 25 at 9 AM PT.  The favorite guest will be awarded $50,000 and a one-week cruise for two. Everyone who has ever stopped by the house is eligible and even the final two guests can win.

Remember that you can stream the show live on fuboTV (7 day-free trial) and watch the live feeds on Paramount+, which is offering a one-week free trial to watch all the footage and then the subscription only costs $4.99 per month. There you can watch all the content that CBS can't show on TV, such as fights, romances and everything captured by the four live cameras.

Big Brother 24: Final HoH R2 results

Although it took quite a while to confirm, Monte won the second round. Which means that he and Turner will face each other in R3, thus leaving Taylor out of contention for the HOH. It was another incredibly close win for Monte, as he previously beat Brittany by 9 seconds in the haunted house.

Now, with Monte over Taylor in R2, the losing HG will have to watch from the sidelines on Sunday night and hope that one of her teammates will take her to the second final. The fact that Taylor lost both rounds doesn't have fans very happy but it was well known that Monte was one of the strongest contenders in the competition.

There is still a small chance that Monte will win R3 and take Taylor, but more likely Turner will take Monte if he wins R3. Sunday will see one of the most entertaining finals in a long time on the show. Who will be the winner? We don't know, we just have to sit back and enjoy the show.


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