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‘Bridgerton’ Season 3: Fans Think New Character Lady Tilley Arnold Will Be Eloise’s Unexpected Friend

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Bridgerton has taken the world by storm. Fans can’t wait for the third season. Since there’s no release date yet, fans are clinging to any piece of news that comes out about the next installment of the beloved Netflix show

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Although Bridgerton is based on a series of books, the show isn’t following its source material religiously. That means there are new characters that even diehard fans haven’t heard of, like Lady Tilley Arnold. 

Hannah New will play Lady Tilley Arnold in season three of ‘Bridgerton’ 

Deadline recently reported that Hannah New will be joining the cast of Bridgerton season three as Lady Tilley Arnold. The character is described as a “firebrand widow.” Apparently, Lady Arnold was widowed young and inherited her husband’s massive fortune. That left Lady Arnold in a unique position for the time. She has more freedom than the average Regency-era woman. 

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Lady Tilley Arnold doesn’t appear in the book series, so fans are left to analyze what her character could mean for the existing cast. Fans already know that season three will focus on a new Bridgerton sibling.

After all, each of the books focuses on a different character in the Bridgerton household. Now that Lady Arnold, a supposedly sexually liberated and available character, has been thrown into the mix, fans are wondering if the Shondaland series will veer away from the books. Could Lady Arnold be a romantic rival of one of the current main characters?

Fans think Eloise will find a friend in Lady Tilley Arnold 

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Fans on Reddit hope that Lady Arnold will be a helpful, friendly character, not a rival sent to break up one of their favorite Bridgerton couples. One fan wrote, “Yes, my first thought is this is Eloise’s unexpected friend! A widow makes sense for her story progression. She has a life that Eloise has idealized, so maybe she is well placed to explain that having a partner isn’t so bad.”

Deadline did reveal that Eloise will find a new friend in the new season. She and Penelope are in a huge fight, so she’ll be searching for friendship. Fans hope that Lady Arnold will fill that role. If not, they fear Lady Arnold could be a rival for some of their favorites.

A Redditor commented, “I hope it’s this … don’t make me spiral into believing that she could be a rival,” in response to a comment about Lady Tilley Arnold being a friend to some of the existing female characters on the show. 

When will season three of ‘Bridgerton’ premiere?

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Unfortunately, fans may have to wait a while before finding out more about Eloise’s new friend. The new season of Bridgerton doesn’t have a release date as of now. Filming started in the summer of 2022, but that doesn’t mean there will be a 2022 release date.

Netflix uses many factors to decide when to drop a new show. Even if Bridgerton season three is filmed and ready to go, Netflix may decide to drop it in the Spring or Summer of 2023. Of course, the streaming giant could surprise fans and release the new season of Bridgerton earlier. 

As for subsequent seasons, Netflix has already ordered season four. There could be more to come if seasons three and four are as well received as the first two seasons.

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