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Charlie Kirk Gets Asked at TPUSA Event: ‘How Many Elections Are They Gonna Steal Before We Kill These People?’

Mediaite logo Mediaite 10/26/2021 Leia Idliby
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While speaking at a Turing Point USA event, Charlie Kirk was asked when “we get to use the guns” to “kill these people” over baseless election fraud claims.

Kirk spoke at Boise State University on Monday night as part of his Exposing Critical Racism tour, during which he condemned critical race theory and pushed false claims of voter fraud.

Roughly one hour and 12 minutes into the event, Kirk was asked something the audience member himself deemed “a bit out of the ordinary.”

“At this point, we’re living under corporate and medical fascism. This is tyranny. When do we get to use the guns? No, and I’m not — that’s not a joke,” asked the audience member. “I’m not saying it like that. I mean, literally, where’s the line? How many elections are they going to steal before we kill these people?”

Kirk immediately denounced the question and claimed that those on the left are “trying to provoke you and everyone here,” adding, “They are trying to make you do something that will be violent that will justify a takeover of your freedoms and liberties, the likes of which we have never seen.”

The audience member replied by saying that Democrats are already provoking him enough to get violent, prompting Kirk to push for the use of “peaceful means.”

“A mistake would all of a sudden be getting into physical, violent confrontation,” Kirk continued. “You think that this regime has all of a sudden sprung into action? Wait until they get what they want. They want that. Why would we give that to them? Follow up point.”

Seemingly unsatisfied with the response, the audience member went on to ask Kirk where Republicans draw the line regarding those on the left.

“The line is when we exhaust every single one of our state ability to push back against what’s happening,” Kirk replied, later claiming again that Democrats want Republicans to get violent.

“And so what is the line? Look, man, I think, I think we’re – I think we’re at the teetering edge of a regime that knows that good and decent Americans are going to get to the place in the movie Network, I’m mad as hell, and I’m not going to take it anymore, right? Well, guess what? Know that there’s a deeper game at play,” he said. “Understand the psychological warfare that’s being played here. They’re trying to animate you. They’re trying to get you to do something that then justifies what they actually want to do.”

Watch above, via YouTube.

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