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Conservative Dating App from Kayleigh McEnany’s Sister Plagued By Brutal, Low-Star Reviews: ‘I Tried to Join to See All the Men in My Area That I Should Avoid’

Mediaite 10/5/2022 Candice Ortiz

The Right Stuff

A exclusive conservative dating app, developed by Ryann McEnany, the sister of former White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany, launched last Friday. Its reception has been less than smooth with users of the Apple app store.

The Right Stuff was marketed to help conservatives meet like-minded people “in authentic and meaningful ways,” the promotional materials say.

But users of the Apple-only app have run into issues joining the site and trolls have left brutal comments on its review page, leading to the app receiving 2.1 out of 5 stars.

While several comments centered around users frustration with the app being invite-only, they expressed excitement that once given access to the site they would find a “special someone.”

Other commenters were focused on bringing the app down.

User IAMMONEYMAN21 said “If you’re looking for racists, this is your app,” slapping the review with one star.

FailingSince1976 left a one star review, declaring the site a “socialist app in wolves clothing,” and blaming its invite only policy on none other than Bill Gates.

I saw this app advertised on one of my trusted conservative news channels. My wife passed away two days ago and I think I’ve mourned long enough. She would want me to be happy and get back out there on the dating scene. So when I saw this Right Stuff stuff that was about dating stuff I knew I had to jump on it.

Much to my disappointment when I signed up, I realized it’s invite only. How am I supposed to marry the next woman of my dreams (preferably she has a great life insurance plan) when it’s invite only? I did some research and found out why.

This app is actually funded by Bill Gates. What happens is they take your photo and information and store it in a database that will be used in the future as a way to identify and exterminate all of us conservative Christian’s. I suggest you delete this app now and never use it again.

Other prospective users jokingly complained that the sign-up process for the site included a “Get to Know Me” question about their views on January 6th, and User BigChungus lamented that after answering the question and using the app, he got a call from an FBI agent.

“I’m a patriot that’s why I’m on this dating app – I use this app for hardly an evening and is it a coincidence I get a call from an FBI agent on the SAME DAY????” he wrote along with a one star rating.

One user gave a stern warning to women attempting to use the app, writing under the interesting username “menRStoopid”:

This app is invite only. I tried to join to see all the men in my area that I should avoid but unfortunately I will just need to continue using the sex offender registry. To any Right wing men reading this now, you should just stick to your hand. Women don’t care for not having rights and respect these day.

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