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Covid Is No Longer a Pandemic in U.S., But Thanks to News and Sports Media, the Insanity Hasn’t Faded

Mediaite logo Mediaite 6/28/2021 John Ziegler
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Over a month ago, I wrote that the pandemic in the United States was effectively over, and that we would eventually realize that, based on a statistically insignificant number of excess deaths, this was the case as early as March. Since then, the chances of an American dying with Covid on any given day have dropped to less than one in a MILLION (and essentially zero for a younger person who is vaccinated), but it is clear that the hysteria surrounding Covid is still far from fading.

On Saturday, the North Carolina State baseball team was eliminated from the semi-finals of the College World Series because of a handful of positive tests (of course, no one was actually sick) and an incredibly discriminatory policy of treating unvaccinated people very differently from those who are vaccinated. Having a team from college baseball, a sport that has not seen one player get seriously ill from Covid, disqualified from a tournament where the stands are totally full of — thankfully — unmasked and untested spectators, has set a new, incredibly absurd standard for the most insane reaction to this virus (the sports world, which should have been a leading us back to normalcy, has already had far too many of them, and surely the upcoming super-woke summer Olympics will provide many more horror stories).

The competition for that honor is, however, still incredibly heated, as witnessed by Jon Rahm winning the U.S. Open golf tournament just two weeks after being disqualified from a PGA Tour event, which he was on the verge of winning, because of a positive test. Making that episode even more ridiculous was the spectacle of seeing tour officials physically comfort Rahm in a manner which revealed that they realized he wasn’t really a danger to anyone, after they bizarrely let him finish his round under the very same “dangerous” conditions they were banning him from participating in the next day.

In each of these disgraceful episodes, the media narratives were remarkably similar. The sports media, which in my decades-long experience is, curiously, far more liberal than even the news media, downplayed the abject injustice angle. They placed the blame — at least somewhat inaccurately — on players not getting vaccinated, and then praised the victims for not making an messy fuss by fully exposing what a total fraud the whole charade of virtue-signaling Covid theater really is.

Substantively, the idea of treating the unvaccinated like they are second-class citizens is both un-American and based on several very faulty premises. Not getting vaccinated (for the record, I have been) is a legitimate private medical decision which should not be a public matter. Since everyone who wants the shots has now had the opportunity to be vaccinated and are clearly protected, what difference does it make if someone with whom they are forced to come into very brief contact (while outside) has made their choice to not be vaccinated?!

To the liberal news and sports media’s way of thinking, punishing, even in a grossly unfair manner, those who dare not get vaccinated, is for the greater good. That’s because it incentivizes everyone to get with their program (even though we are at a point now where more than enough Americans are vaccinated to prevent the virus from spreading significantly enough to greatly impact our healthcare system). But the retort to that rather tyrannical perspective should be that it is actually an ANTI-vaccine position because it is falsely presuming that those who are vaccinated are somehow not REALLY protected from the knuckle-dragging Trump supporters the media sees as those who have not yet gotten their shots.

The root problem here is that, thanks to horrendously one-sided and outrageously fear-inducing media coverage for well over a year, far too many Americans are simply still scared out of their minds about a virus which, especially for healthy vaccinated people, is now no real threat. If the news media had not gone completely overboard in frightening our population in order to motivate us to take this pandemic seriously, and had spent at least the last four months fully telling the story of how decisively this battle against Covid really was being won, there would be far greater outrage when these Covid-related injustices occur, and they would evaporate as quickly as masks did at outside events in red states.

This problem — where approximately one-third of the U.S. population has been mind-screwed, possibly permanently, by the media’s Covid panic porn — manifests itself in many ways outside of just sports. In some liberal areas of the country, like here in Southern California, mask usage is still quite popular, even though it is usually no longer mandated by the government, except of course in airports where use is still strictly enforced. This causes many situations, potentially even into the next school year, where, maddeningly, kids, who never should have been forced to wear masks, will be the very last group still required to wear them because children under 12 can’t yet get vaccinated, even if they want to be.

Nothing illustrates the completely nonsensical manner in which we have chosen to deal with this pandemic than the fact that college athletes and healthy school children are still being greatly impacted by Covid restrictions, while almost no one is actually dying of the virus. These two groups, effectively invulnerable to the virus, which should have seen normalcy after just a couple of weeks of reliable data was available, are going to be the last demographics to return to pre-Covid life, assuming we ever let them do so.

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