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DC Comics Just Brought Back Milestone’s Original Multiversal Villain

CBR 3/24/2023 John Dodge
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The following contains major spoilers for "Blood Syndicate: Epilogue" from Milestone 30th Anniversary Special, on sale now from DC Comics.

Throughout the decades-long history of the Milestone Universe, heroes such as Static and Hardware have made enemies of some of the most astonishing villains of all time. Surprisingly, none have managed to bring the myriad of Milestone's finest together. At least, none other than the enigmatic Dharma, whose latest unseen comeback is poised to unify every Milestone hero without any of them realizing it.

As the eponymous heroes of "Blood Syndicate: Epilogue" (by Geoffrey Thorne, Sean Damien Hill, Anthoney Fowler, Juan Castro, Wil Quintana, and Andworld Design) from the pages of the Milestone 30th Anniversary Special announce their plans to build a new independent Paris Island, an ominous figure watches from afar with plans of his own. Dharma, the blind seer who holds the knowledge of things yet to come, is preparing for the world to be shaken to its very core all over again. Of course, hardly anyone else could ever perceive a threat that has yet to present itself, while that very concept has been at Dharma's core at every stop in the Multiverse.

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Milestone's Dharma Has a Whole New Mission

First seen in 1994's Hardware #11 (by Dwayne McDuffie and Denys Cowan), the man known as Dharma was in the process of attempting to recruit the titular hero into his mysterious cause. As the leader of the Shadow Cabinet, Dharma used his powers of precognition to try and avert global catastrophes before they could arise. His reach proved to extend even farther than that soon enough, as did the lengths Dharma was willing to go to in order to see the world emerge from its tribulations as unchanged as possible.

Eventually, it was revealed that Dharma was the one who orchestrated the Big Bang which led to the emergence of superpowered beings in Dakota City. As horrifying as this was considering the death toll that the Big Bang ended up amassing, it was only a small event on the grander scale that Dharma was working. This became most apparent during 1994's "World's Collide" event, which saw Dharma manipulate the merger of both the Milestone and DC Universes before they could collapse in on one another. As unlikely as it might seem that another Multiversal event could be just around the corner, the frequency with which they occur in the realm of DC Comics is well established.

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Dharma Could Unite the New Milestone Universe

Whatever shadowy event awaits the Milestone Universe may still be entirely unclear, but there is no doubt that it is going to be among the biggest that has ever been seen. If it weren't then Dharma would have no need to involve the Blood Syndicate, Static, Hardware, and Icon and Rocket in his latest plan. The fact that he requires every single major player in his world and then some more speaks to the scope of whatever is headed their way. It points toward their world growing larger than ever, and breaking through the Multiverse would be the easiest way to do just that.

Even if Dharma isn't preparing for another world to come crashing down upon his own, it is hard to imagine anything much less dire necessitating the actions he has already taken. Assuming that is the case, there are only so many threats that have existed throughout the various incarnations of the Milestone Universe that call for a superpowered team-up. But none that call for literally every hero of note to join in the fight. As such, what the heroes will soon be facing is sure to be more than they ever could have anticipated.

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