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DC Debuts and Kills Off a Future Justice Society of America

CBR 11/12/2022 Sean Gribbin
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The following contains spoilers for The New Golden Age #1, on sale now from DC Comics.

Within a few pages, DC introduces a new Justice Society of America and then murders its members right before readers' eyes.

At one point in The New Golden Age #1 by writer Geoff Johns and various artists, the book takes a big leap forward in time to the year 3022. The JSA's brownstone headquarters is now in ruins, but not lost forever, being that a new Justice Society finally finds the location and promises that the team is about to "rise again." This group includes an Alan Scott-like Green Lantern, a female Doctor Fate and a new Atom, but before they can rise, the three are quickly murdered by "The Stranger."

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Right after she realizes that she can no longer see the future, Doctor Fate's neck is snapped by The Stranger, a mysterious villain who has red hair and wears a long, black trench coat. The villain's abilities allow him to turn the Green Lantern's power against himself and the Atom, incinerating both with the green fire. The Stranger is shown to travel throughout time in the issue, and his apparent goal is to murder every iteration of the JSA that has ever existed, always making a JSA's Doctor Fate his first victim.

Other Doctor Fates that have existed, including Kent Nelson and Khalid Nassour, experience visions of The Stranger's murderous actions in The New Golden Age. While Khalid witnesses the death of 3022's Justice Society, Kent sees The Stranger standing in the middle of lost sidekicks, as well as the death of Helena Wayne aka Huntress, the daughter of Batman/Bruce Wayne and Catwoman/Selina Kyle. Kent tells a younger Catwoman, "When your daughter joins the JSA...she's going to die with the rest of us." Another death in the issue is that of Batman, though his murderer is not revealed.

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New Justice Society of America and Stargirl Series Are on the Way

The New Golden Age is a one-shot that serves as the precursor to two new titles written by Johns. The first is the ongoing Justice Society of America series illustrated by Mikel Janín, which focuses on Helena and her time-traveling journey to find her father's killer. The other is the Stargirl: The Lost Children miniseries drawn by Todd Nauck, which revolves around the aforementioned missing sidekicks as Stargirl and Red Arrow investigate their disappearance.

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Along with writing, The New Golden Age #1 features interior artwork by Diego Olortegui, JP Mayer, Scott Hanna, Jerry Ordway, Steve Lieber, Nauck, Scott Kolins, Viktor Bogdanovic, Brandon Peterson and Gary Frank, colors by Nick Filardi, John Kalisz, Matt Herms, Jordan Boyd and Brad Anderson, and letters by Rob Leigh. Main cover art for the issue is by Janín, with variant cover artwork contributed to by Jay Hero, Nauck, Herms, Michael Allred, Lauren Allred, David Talaski and Dan Hipp. The issue is now on sale from DC Comics.

Source: DC Comics

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