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‘Survivor’ Host Jeff Probst Disproves Season 43 Spoilers

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Unlike the season before it, very few spoilers from Survivor 43 have leaked online. We don’t know who the winner or runner-ups will be, so fans have to go off the edit to predict who is sitting in the Final Tribal Council. However, host Jeff Probst may have debunked one vague spoiler involving behind-the-scenes drama.

[Spoiler alert: This article may contain spoilers from Survivor Season 43.]

Karla Cruz Godoy and Jeff Probst | Photo: CBS © Provided by Showbiz CheatSheet Karla Cruz Godoy and Jeff Probst | Photo: CBS

‘Survivor’ spoilers indicated that production didn’t like season 43

The Survivor Spoilers Reddit group put together a checklist for season 43. It includes alleged leaks from multiple different people. Some of them have proved to be false, while others have been accurate.

One insider, 4242survivor424242, provided the entire Survivor Season 42 bootlist. However, their spoilers for this season have been vague and scarce.

They claimed that Elie Scott, Jesse Lopez, and Karla Cruz Godoy made the merge; technically, Elie didn’t. But that can be looked over because of the bizarre merge twist. The Reddit user also said that they believe a castaway might have quit late in the season. They added that producers weren’t happy with season 43.

It’s unclear why the spoilers suggest production didn’t like Survivor Season 43. However, some fans speculate that it’s because of the winner. Perhaps someone surprising and underwhelming claimed the title of Sole Survivor, and that’s why the season was unsatisfactory. But that’s just a theory, and, of course, this spoiler could be false.

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Jeff Probst’s comments may have negated the ‘Survivor’ Season 43 spoilers

During an interview with Entertainment Weekly on Nov. 16, Jeff Probst might have disproved the spoilers that indicated producers were unhappy with Survivor Season 43.

When asked which season 43 castaway has surprised him the most, Probst answered, “We’ve been pleasantly surprised by a number of people this season. Cody has surprised with his level of cleverness. Gabler has surprised with his ability to go with the flow and play the fool when necessary. Jeanine has surprised with her resilience, both physically and emotionally.”

“We were also surprised at Karla’s initial fear of taking the Beware Advantage,” he added. “We anticipated she would attack out of the gate, but instead, she is playing a more subtle but strong game.”

The host concluded, “As a group, I really am happy with how the season is going. Survivor is hard, and every player out there is giving 100%. That’s all we can ever ask of anyone.”

We know that Jeff Probst isn’t going to admit that he and the other Survivor producers didn’t like season 43. But, as is the case with almost everything the host does and says, he seems rather passionate about this season. We’ll just have to wait until the finale to see if the alleged spoilers pan out.

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Only 7 castaways remain in the game

Following Noelle Lambert’s exit in Survivor Season 43 Episode 10, only seven castaways are competing for the grand prize. They are:

  • Cassidy Clark
  • Jesse Lopez
  • Mike Gabler
  • Cody Assenmacher
  • Karla Cruz Godoy
  • Owen Knight
  • Sami Layadi

Everyone has differing opinions regarding who they want to win, but we imagine the general audience would be happier with some castaways winning than others.

Survivor Season 43 airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET on CBS. In the meantime, check back into Showbiz Cheat Sheet for more Survivor Season 43 Spoilers.

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