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Game of Thrones: Maisie Williams Says Series Fell Off at the End

Collider 10/24/2022 Madalyn Watson
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With the first season of the HBO series House of the Dragon wrapping up, it’s a time of reflection for the cast and crew behind George R.R. Martin’s universe. After rewatching the parent series that pulled its story from Martin's ages at its start, Game of Thrones star Maisie Williams weighed in on its disappointing final season.

During a Twitch stream with her brother James Williams, the actor who played the fan-favorite Arya Stark shared that she recently rewatched Game of Thrones. With a laugh, she admitted that even though the hit HBO series started out strong, “It definitely fell off at the end.” Maisie elaborated on how her perspective shifted with her latest watch of the series, saying “It kinda popped off.” She went on to explain that while working on the series and even for a long time afterwards, she felt that she could not appreciate the series like an audience member would rather than as a cast member. “For the first time, it feels good to be proud of it. It was 10 years of my life,” Williams continued.

“I was heartbroken when Ned died, yet I knew it was coming,” Williams said, referring to the surprising death of Arya’s father, Ned Stark, played by Sean Bean (Boromir in The Lord of the Rings franchise), who was ruthlessly killed off in the first season of Game of Thrones.

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Maisie’s brother responded in the Twitch stream, describing the popular series as “great” and sharing that “we were all enjoying the hell out of it.” James added to the discussion, saying that people often asked him if he knew what was going to happen when the series was still airing. Even though there were scripts lying around the house, he said that he never wanted to spoil the show so he could enjoy watching it himself. “I never did, but I could have [read the scripts],” James said. “I didn’t want to because I wanted to experience what was going to happen.”

In April, Maisie shared her thoughts on returning to the Game of Thrones universe. When the series came to a close in May 2019, many fans were hopeful for a spin-off series following her character. In Arya’s final moments, she is preparing to set sail and discover what lies beyond the maps – setting the stage for the possibility of her character getting another adventure. Although she looks back on her time as Arya “so fondly,” Maisie admitted to having mixed feelings about reprising her role.

“I’m not saying it would never happen,” Maisie said. “It has to be the right time and the right people. It has to be right in the context of all the other spin-offs and the universe of Game of Thrones.”

Maisie Williams most recently appeared in the mini-series Pistol. She also played Kim Noakes in the Sky original series Two Weeks to Live as well as Rahne Sinclair in the 2020 film The New Mutants. Check out the trailer for Pistol below:

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