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Gargoyles: Thailog is Dividing Goliath's Clan

CBR 1/26/2023 Renaldo Matadeen
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The following contains spoilers for Gargoyles #2, available now from Dynamite Entertainment.

In the new Gargoyles run, fans are basically getting another season after the cartoon ended. This journey has Goliath and Elisa together at last, leading the new iteration of the Wyvern clan atop their Manhattan high-rise. With their castle intact, it does feel like they've achieved their paradise, with everyone united in the kind of harmony Goliath dreamed of since their days in Scotland.

However, Thailog, the sinister Goliath clone's back and is plotting to get ahold of Derek's (Elisa's brother) mutant baby. In the process, the half-robot hybrid's turning the heroes against each other. Now in Gargoyles #2 (by Greg Weisman, George Kambadais, and Jeff Eckleberry), a sinister plan could give Thailog access to the clan's most prized asset, shattering their utopia in dramatic fashion.

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Gargoyles Features Thailog Framing Xanatos

When Goliath gets to Derek's mutant lair after Elisa left a message, he finds everyone just now regaining consciousness. They were gassed and knocked out, with Thailog kidnapping Maggie (Derek's wife), as well as the midwife Mary. He seems to want the child, the franchise's first pureblood mutant, to raise for war. Given Derek's electric powers, this child could indeed become a weapon of mass destruction.

Now that he is working with the evil doctor, Sevarius, as well as other robot clones, Thailog does have the intimidating legion for the job. And make no mistake, Maggie's terrified of what's to come. What makes Thailog even more conniving is how he appears to have rigged the game, deflecting attention to Xanatos and his aide, Owen. It's revealed when Coldfire picks up a signal tracking back to Xanatos, causing Derek to break in and demand his child back.

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Gargoyles' Thailog Could Be After Brooklyn's Egg

Derek hating Xanatos is understandable because when Xanatos was a villain, he tricked Derek and others into becoming mutants. Since then, Xanatos redeemed himself, becoming a father to Alex and wanting to be a better husband to Fox. Even Goliath considers Xanatos an ally after their heated feuds, but Derek won't ever trust him. Especially in a case like this where the idea of losing family clouds Derek's judgment. The kicker is, while all this transpires, it leaves the rookery vulnerable. The hounds, Bronx and Fu-Dog, are there, but Lexington is distracted by some mysterious project, while Hudson's watching TV as usual.

This creates an opening for Thailog to break in and steal Eggwardo, the lone egg belonging to Brooklyn and Katana. Now that gang wars are raging, which will only get more violent, it's in Thailog's character to use all this as a smokescreen. Through all these distractions, he can hold Maggie and her child hostage, misdirecting the Gargoyles as they search for her. It'd allow him to grab the egg, and proffer the idea of raising it when it hatches in a year's time. It would be the ultimate insult to Goliath and Brooklyn. Only time will tell what's Thailog's true endgame, but what's for certain is he's sowing infighting in Goliath's camp, playing a long con,

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