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Gremlins Prequel Delivers a Mulan and Agents of SHIELD Reunion

CBR logo CBR 5/19/2022 Nicholas Brooks
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The original Gremlins introduced the world to a new type of critter that was both adorable yet terrifying when they transformed. Nevertheless, the light-hearted horror film brought audiences into the world and lore of the Mogwai and how these curious creatures could be a friend one day and an enemy in the next, so long as the rules that came with them weren't followed. Now, HBO Max's Gremlins: Secrets of the Mogwai looks to explore that lore further in a new animated series that brings together a voice cast that has worked together on some of the most influential films and movies in the past 30 years.

The original Gremlins saw Randall Peltzer purchase the Mogwai, Gizmo, from an elderly shopkeeper named Mr. Wing. Much wasn't learned from the mysterious man, but it was clear that he had a connection to Gizmo and an understanding of what could happen should he multiply or worse, turn into a Gremlin.

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When fed after midnight, the Mogwai would transform into lizard-like humanoids that lived to be a menace to anyone they encountered. Secrets of the Mogwai will explore Mr. Wing's youth, and his family will be voiced by Ming-Na Wen, James Hong and B.D. Wong, but this project has inadvertently doubled as a unique reunion that fans of Marvel and Disney may quickly recognize.

Altogether, Wen, Hong and Wong appeared in 1998's Mulan by Walt Disney Pictures. The film has been one of the prized jewels of the Disney Rennaissance era, and with good reason, thanks to its amazing music, animation and adaptations. In the film, Wen voiced Mulan while Wong voiced her opposite and love interest, Li Shang. Hong also voiced the more comedic role of Chi-Fu. Since its release, the film and its voices have served as one of the many standards for how future voice actors should bring emotion into voice acting realistically.

Since then, Wen has gone far in terms of the various franchises she has been a part of. She has recently made her mark in the Star Wars universe as the bounty hunter Fennec Shand, but before that, she had also appeared in the hit Marvel TV series Agents of SHIELD as special agent Melinda May. May was a part of the series from the first episode to its seventh and final season.

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While May was always represented as a dark and mysterious character, similar to Black Widow, she still had a support structure and family that she leaned on. In the series, this was shown as her father, who was played by none other than Hong. In the series, she came to him in hopes of gaining guidance, but unlike May, who was often more cold and calculating, her father wore his heart on his sleeve and wasn't afraid to call her out and inspire her when she needed it.

Gremlins: Secrets of the Mogwai will likely take the many years of talent between these actors and offer a story with as much heart and mystery as the films. That said, it will also represent a family that loves one another very much. While it's unlikely the series was planned as a reunion between three amazing actors, there's no denying their talents will come through and add yet another layer of emotion to the upcoming series.


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