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John Krasinski Uncovers A New Threat In Jack Ryan Season 3 Trailer

ScreenRant logo ScreenRant 12/1/2022 Ryan Northrup
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As the release date for Jack Ryan season 3 approaches, Prime Video has released a new trailer showing John Krasinski's hero working to uncover a new conspiracy. Based on the Tom Clancy book series, Jack Ryan follows a CIA analyst turned field operative who attempts to foil various terrorist plots against the USA. The first season premiered on Prime Video in 2018 with a second season following a year later. Jack Ryan ​​​​​​season 3 is expected to take place not long after the events of season 2, with Krasinski working against the clock to stop a small group of Russians from resurrecting the USSR and detonating a nuclear weapon. Jack Ryan season 3 is expected to release later this month, with a fourth and reportedly final season already in the works.

Now, the official Prime Video Twitter account has teased more of what's next for Krasinski's hero, with a brand-new trailer for Jack Ryan season 3 showing him running from American government while pursuing his own leads. Although careful not to give away too much of what's to come, the trailer does show that Ryan will have to team up with some old allies while on the run to stop the Russian nuclear threat. Check out the new trailer below:

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Everything Revealed In The Jack Ryan Season 3 Trailer

Like both seasons before it, the new trailer hints that Jack Ryan season 3 will once again be a globe-trotting adventure, with Ryan appearing to travel to Russia and other countries in Europe. The trailer also shows that Ryan may be dealing with a new threat from within the U.S. government, with a suited figure at the beginning instructing a ground team to take Krasinki's hero in. The upcoming Jack Ryan season 3 will also seemingly feature the character teaming up with Greer (Wendell Pierce) and Mike November (Michael Kelly) at some point in the story, despite the fact that he will be a fugitive from the law.

The latest trailer for Jack Ryan season 3 also shows that the Prime Video series will be dishing out plenty of action once more. Like previous seasons, the upcoming batch of episodes features Krasinski's hero engaging in shootouts and car chases in a variety of locations. Not shown in the trailer, however, is the first look at a new character, Domingo Chavez, played by Michael Peña. Chavez is already reportedly slated to be getting his very own Jack Ryan spinoff show, but little is known about the character or how he will feature in the story being told in season 3.

Thankfully, the latest Jack Ryan season 3 trailer keeps much of the mystery alive regarding the plot twists and turns that the Prime Video show is known for, but audiences do seem to be in for an exciting new story. Jack Ryan season 2 wasn't received quite as warmly as season 1, with many critics taking issue with the season's predictable plotting, but season 3 could potentially rectify this by having Ryan operate firmly on the other side of the law. It remains to be seen how Krasinki's hero will save the world next, but thankfully the release date for Jack Ryan season 3 is now less than a month away.

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