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Kevin Smith Jokes About Marvel Studios ‘Owning’ DC

ScreenRant logo ScreenRant 8/29/2022 Rachel Ulatowski
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Kevin Smith jokes that Marvel could truly "own" DC by literally owning a DC property and providing a home for Batman: Caped Crusader on Disney+. It is a well-known fact that Marvel and DC dominate the superhero genre, both in comic books and in the film industry. They are the top comic book creators, and both have set out creating their own film franchises, or universes, based on their comic book characters. Marvel debuted the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) in 2008, while the DC Extended Universe (DCEU) launched in 2013. Disney owns Marvel, while Warner Bros. owns DC, but a recent piece of news could shake this ownership up a bit.

Recently, it was announced that HBO Max has dropped Batman: Caped Crusader. The animated project was given a straight-to-series order in May 2021. It was set to be a re-imagining of the Batman mythology with Matt Reeves and JJ Abrams serving as producers. However, Warner Bros. has been experiencing a shake-up of late due to their merger with Discovery. This has resulted in Batgirl, Batman: Caped Crusader, and a number of other animated projects slated for an HBO Max release being axed. What's unique about Batman: Caped Crusader, however, is that it's still looking for a new home.

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As reported by, on his FatMan Beyond podcast, Smith jokes about a unique way in which Marvel can "own" DC. Smith suggests that Disney+ pick up Batman: Caped Crusader, since it is still seeking a new streaming home since being axed by HBO Max. After all, what better way for Marvel to officially dominate the competition than by literally owning a piece of DC? As Smith cheekily points out, "You know how Marvel owns DC? By literally owning DC."

Smith's suggestion certainly would create a very interesting scenario. In fact, the situation with Batman: Caped Crusader in itself is already very unusual. When Batgirl was cancelled by Warner Bros., it was shelved in full despite being in post-production with a $90 million budget. Meanwhile, Batman: Caped Crusader gets to live on at a new location. There are plenty of streaming services who may be interested, but, if any of them pick up Batman: Caped Crusader, it will be the first time in a long time that a DC TV series has premiered on a non-Warner Bros. platform. Hence, there actually is the potential that Disney and Marvel could end up owning a DC series.

Of course, the actual likelihood that Disney+ will pick up the series is slim. Multiple streaming services are already interested in Batman: Caped Crusader, including AppleTV+ and Netflix (and, actually, the Disney-owned Hulu). Meanwhile, it isn't likely a Batman series would move away from Warner Bros. and directly into the arms of one of DC's biggest competitors. Disney+ is the current home of all Marvel programming, so there would be quite a conflict of interest. Plus, Disney+ certainly has a lot of content being added consistently to their platform. It's difficult to imagine one of the biggest streaming services in the world seeking out a show out of pettiness rather than real necessity. While Batman: Caped Crusader presents an amusing hypothesis where Marvel could own DC in more ways than one, it isn't very likely to become a reality.

Source:, FatMan Beyond


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