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Masked Singer Season 8 Contestants Guessed By Panel (& Who Stumped Them)

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The Masked Singer season 8 had some of the most incredible talent in the history of the show, and, while the panelists were able to recognize some of the legendary voices, a few contestants left them stumped until their unmaskings. The Masked Singer panel is made up of Robin Thicke, Jenny McCarthy Wahlberg, Ken Jeong, and Nicole Scherzinger. They are known for putting together the clues with the voices, in order to make guesses that help the audience make informed decisions about who is behind each mask.

While Ken is notorious for his hilarious incorrect guesses, he does occasionally get one of them right. With a record 22 competitors in The Masked Singer season 8, the panelists had many opportunities to make correct guesses. This season had some of the greatest competitors that the show has ever seen, which made it especially fun and exciting.

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Some Masked Singer Contestants Performed More Than Once

During The Masked Singer season 8, most contestants were only heard once before they were unmasked. Only one singer made it through to the next round, so the panel and viewers only had the chance to hear winner Amber Riley (Harp), runner-up Wilson Phillips (Lambs), Nikki Glaser (Snowstorm), Chris Jericho (Bride), and Kat Graham (Robo Girl) more than once. They also received more clues about those particular contestants because they were on the show longer. Nicole successfully guessed Amber, while Robin figured out Wilson Phillips, and Nicole agreed with him. Jenny was able to correctly identify Nikki.

However, even with the extra help, no one could guess Chris or Kat. They thought that Chris was Flea (Robin), Vin Diesel (Jenny), Matthew McConaughey (Ken), or Sammy Hagar (Nicole). Instead of Kat, the panel guessed Keke Palmer (Robin), Shay Mitchell (Jenny), Sydney Sweeney (Ken), and Liza Koshy (Nicole). The wildest guess of the season came from guest panelist Miss Piggy, who said that Robo Girl was herself.

The Masked Singer Panelists Guessed Contestants Correctly

The Masked Singer panel had success with some of their other guesses as well. Jenny knew that it was William Shatner behind the Knight mask, while Robin correctly identified Eric Idle as Hedgehog. Guest panelist Donny Osmond guessed Jeff Dunham was Pi-Rat, while Robin and Nicole unwrapped the Mummies as The Brady Bunch Brothers, Barry Williams (Greg), Christopher Knight (Peter), and Mike Lookinland (Bobby). Other correct guesses included Daymond John as Fortune Teller (Ken), Mario Cantone as Maize (Jenny), Gloria Gaynor as Mermaid (Robin and Nicole), and Jerry Springer as Beetle (Robin and Jenny). Robin also correctly guessed Joey Lawrence as Walrus, George Foreman as Venus Fly Trap, and George Clinton as Gopher (which Nicole agreed with).

Some Masked Singer Contestants Stumped The Panel

A few Masked Singer contestants fooled the panelists, who could not guess their identities. The panel missed iconic singers Chris Kirkpatrick (Hummingbird) and Montell Jordan (Panther). Nicole and Jenny marveled that they had guessed Montell so many times in the past, but they could not correctly identify him when he was really on the show. The panel also was stumped by Le'Veon Bell (Milkshake), Adam Carolla (Avocado), Linda Blair (Scarecrow), and Ray Parker Jr. (Sir Bugaboo).

The Masked Singer season 8 format meant that most of the contestants went home after only one episode. Although fans would have loved to have seen more of them, their unmaskings gave every episode the feeling of a finale. There were big stars on every show, which made it an extraordinary season. The Masked Singer panelists did a great job of guessing these celebrities. The bar is now set even higher for future seasons of The Masked Singer.

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