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One Piece: Who Will Join The Straw Hats After Wano?

GameRant logo GameRant 7/5/2022 Suzail Ahmad
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The Straw Hats are the main protagonists in One Piece. The crew is led by Monkey D. Luffy, who wanted to gather a crew that would be super strong and help him to accomplish his dream of becoming the Pirate King. The first person to join the crew was Roronoa Zoro, and he was followed by more people. Currently, the crew has ten members- Luffy, Zoro, Sanji, Usopp, Nami, Chopper, Robin, Franky, Brook, and Jimbei.

Each Straw Hat specializes in one particular field and they are all extremely valuable to the crew. The latest person to join the crew was Jimbei, who finally arrived in Wano after escaping Big Mom and her crew. Over the last few arcs, the Straw Hats have been helped by some other characters and these characters have made a strong case to become the next member of the crew. There are two characters, who have been heavily linked to becoming the next Straw Hat. These are - Carrot and Yamato. But, who is the likeliest to join the Straw Hats after Wano?

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Carrot and Her Electric Aura

Carrot was first introduced in the Zou arc. She immediately took a liking to the Straw Hats after what they did to save the Mokomo Dukedom from being wiped out completely. As Luffy's group headed towards Whole Cake Island, Carrot tagged along as she wanted to help the crew in whatever way she could. While the group was on the Thousand Sunny, Carrot acted as the lookout, which helped them to spot land and dangerous objects. The position of a lookout is very important on any pirate crew and the Straw Hats do not have great options in this specific position. Carrot has had the experience of being a lookout for many years while she was at Zou. In addition to being a superb lookout, Carrot is also a good fighter.

As a member of the Mink tribe, Carrot grew up while learning how to fight. She knows how to use Electro, which is unique to the Minks. Her fighting skills allowed her to become a member of Inuarashis's Musketeer Squad. Like all the Minks, Carrot has the ability to transform into her Sulong form when she looks at the full moon. In her Sulong form, all of Carrot's abilities get a major boost and she was able to fight someone as strong as Charlotte Perospero for a decent amount of time. Furthermore, if she joined the crew, it would make the Straw Hats have another unique race as currently they do not have a Mink on their crew. Carrot is also good at drawing, and her art can be useful in certain situations.

Yamato and Their Dreams

Yamato became an ally of the Straw Hat Pirates in the Wano Country arc. They are a great character with a very interesting past. Yamato actually met Portgas D. Ace many years ago and the two fought each other for a brief period. After their fight was over, they sat down together and Ace told Yamato about Luffy and what he wanted to achieve. Ace expected Yamato to laugh at Luffy's dream, but their reaction was surprising.

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Yamato waited for many years to meet Luffy and when the two finally met, they were able to form a connection immediately. Yamato is a very strong character, and has proven their strength on several occasions such as when they were able to knock out Ulti without any difficulty. Furthermore, Yamato was also able to fight against Kaido without any help, which is an incredible feat. Yamato's strength would make them a valuable addition to the crew, and it is fair to say that they would only be second to Luffy in terms of strength. This would be a huge upgrade considering that no other Straw Hat could manage a fight against Kaido on their own.

Who Should Join The Crew?

Carrot and Yamato have strong reasons to join the crew and if either one joins the crew, they will add something new. Both of them have different personalities. Carrot is more fun-loving, and more carefree, while Yamato is more serious and willing to put their body on the line at all times. However, between the two of them, Yamato has the bigger reason. They have been waiting for years in Wano for Luffy so that they can take down Kaido and free the country. Furthermore, Yamato has stated many times that they want to leave Wano and explore the rest of the world like Oden. They have had this strong desire for many years and this would is the perfect opportunity to set sail. Carrot has been very helpful to the crew, and she was deeply moved by Pedro's sacrifice. So, if she joined the crew she would be carrying Pedro's will. The ideal scenario would be if both of them end up joining the crew, but logically Yamato would be the better addition.

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