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Outside Of GMA’s T.J. Holmes And Amy Robach Drama, Another Star Remains Banned From Set Over Inappropriate Conduct

CinemaBlend 3/20/2023 Erik Swann
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These past few months have seen Good Morning America – and ABC News as a whole – dealing with Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes’ alleged workplace affair and the aftermath. Following a months-long investigation, the embattled anchors parted ways with the network and signed their exit agreements in January. The dust seems to be slowly settling on that matter but, at present, the iconic morning show is dealing with another situation. Famed weatherperson Rob Marciano was “banned” from the set for reported inappropriate conduct and has yet to be let back into the workplace. 

Rob Marciano hasn’t been allowed to be present at GMA’s Time Square Studios since 2022. Per Page Six, the TV personality made one of his co-workers feel uncomfortable. The news outlet reports that the company’s human resources department found fault with Marciano, as he apparently did something “improper.” A source also said: 

As of this writing, the network hasn’t shared any specific details regarding what allegedly happened between the 54-year-old newsperson and the other employee. Insiders claim, however, that during that time, the correspondent was dealing with some anger issues amid his divorce from wife Eryn. Another source alleges that he was “very cranky and angry” and also engaged in “unsavory behavior.” Good Morning America executive producer Simon Swink initially took him off the air for a month but, after that suspension, she’s still being “extra cautious” about inviting back to the studio. A person with knowledge on Swink added:

It’s said that Simone Swink ultimately wants the studio to be “free of distraction” and, while that’s arguably what any company wants, that’s sure to be especially true for GMA right now. Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes’ situation was allegedly viewed as a major “distraction” internally and brought a significant amount of attention to Good Morning America and parent company Disney. It eventually came to the point that employees were said to be blaming ABC News head Kim Godwin for the prolonged investigation. In terms of other ramifications, there was apparently resentment amongst staffers, who reportedly wanted to see Robach and Holmes fired. Since the two parted ways with the alphabet network, GMA has washed its hands of the stars, having done so by erasing any trace of them.

Rob Marciano’s situation, however, is different in a number of respects, and he’s still employed at the network as of right now. As of right now, he’ll continue to provide weather reports for digital platforms and World News Tonight, which is filmed at another location in New York. It still remains to be seen if (or when) the reporter will stop exclusively reporting from the field and return to Times Square.

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