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Paramount+ has scrambled eggs all over its face, might pick up that Frasier revival

The A.V. Club logo The A.V. Club 2/1/2021 Sam Barsanti
Kelsey Grammer looking at the camera © Photo: Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images for IMDb Kelsey Grammer

We’re running out of multi-year coverage sagas here at The A.V. Club, what with The New Mutants having already come and gone, but we still have the prospect of that Frasier reboot looming over our heads. We first heard about the idea back in 2018 when Kelsey Grammer started quietly meeting with different writers so they could pitch him on ideas for a Frasier reboot, but Grammer was unsatisfied with everything he heard because he had no interest in simply resurrecting the same old show. In 2019, Grammer was spotted carrying a folder with the Frasier logo on it and was reportedly considering six new concepts for the reboot, but that was the last time we heard anything about Frasier coming back… until now!

As reported by TVLine, Paramount+ (the streaming service formerly known as CBS All Access) is apparently “circling” a “new iteration” of Frasier. That’s pretty much all we know, and TVLine says a spokesperson from CBS TV Studios declined to comment, but there must be something exciting about this if Grammer was finally willing to pull the trigger on a new Frasier. It probably won’t be one of the many murder mysteries or sci-fi spin-offs we’ve pitched in these news stories over the years, but Paramount+ is the home of all those Star Trek shows. It’s not too much of a stretch for Frasier to meet Captain Picard, and that definitely wouldn’t be the same old show that Kelsey Grammer was making all those years ago. Whatever this ends up being, Grammer should record a new, melodramatic version of the theme song like Veronica Mars did. Imagine having all of that tossed salad and scrambled eggs while being sad about it.


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