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Richard Lewis jabs at Larry David with ‘plan or confirmation’ callback over Curb Your Enthusiasm season 12 shoot

We Got This Covered 2/7/2023 Liam McEneaney
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Fans of the HBO cringe comedy Curb Your Enthusiasm know that Richard Lewis, the character on the show played by famous comedian Richard Lewis, is best frienemies with Larry David, the character played by Seinfeld co-creator Larry David. Lewis as portrayed on the show is possibly the only person in David’s version of LA more neurotic and misanthropic than David himself. And certainly, they are stuck in their friendship as the only two people who can put up with each other.

And so when Richard Lewis the actor wanted to announce that he was going to appear in the upcoming season 12 of Curb, it stands to reason that he would quote one of the great arguments made by Richard Lewis the character.

Curb Your Enthusiasm – Plan or confirmation via @YouTube LD asked me to film #curb next week but I won’t show without a confirmation!

In the fifth episode of season eight, “Vow of Silence,” David and Lewis have an ongoing argument over meeting plans. When Richard Lewis stands Larry up for lunch, an argument breaks out between the pair over whether making a plan to meet up is enough, or if additional confirmation is required.

While Lewis demands a confirmation before he commits to showing up for lunch, David finds this to be burdensome, culminating in the greatest line of the episode:

“You’re like some kind of government bureaucracy. You got the plan, you got the confirmation, you got a subcommittee, I gotta go through all these levels!””

Even though they drive each other crazy, fans of Curb have to be happy that Richard Lewis and Larry David are confirmed to reunite for the upcoming season.

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