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Saturday Night Live Star Rushed To Emergency Surgery

Giant Freakin Robot 12/8/2022 James Brizuela

Long-time funny man and former Saturday Night Live star, Chris Kattan, was rushed to the hospital on Sunday after he had apparently contracted a severe case of Streptococcus Pneumoniae. The word that most of us recognize from that complicated-sounding medical term is pneumonia, which has taken the lives of many people depending on the severity of it. This severe case of Streptococcus Pneumoniae that Kattan was dealing with required emergency surgery, which he is stated to be recovering from.

We are not sure about the severity of the situation, or what kind of surgery was administered, but we do know that Chris Kattan has made it out of the said surgery, and is expected to recover completely. Doctors are keeping him at the hospital for observation, though if things continue to go well, he will be released tomorrow. The actor and comedian also stated his desire to return to work soon, though we would imagine that the doctors are stating that he cannot do so without proper rest.

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Chris Kattan did have a stand-up comedy show scheduled for this Friday at The Market Comedy Club in Valparaiso, IN, which has since been rescheduled. Though Kattan spent eight years on Saturday Night Live, including becoming a comedy movie star during his tenure, he has since taken a step back from the limelight. However, the actor has now returned to the stage to further his stand-up comedy career in recent years.

During Chris Kattan’s run on Saturday Night Live, he would invent some of the most iconic characters in Mango, Doug Butabi, and Mr. Peepers. Doug Butabi and his brother Steve Butabi(portrayed by Will Ferrell) would eventually get their own movie called, A Night at the Roxbury. This also led to Kattan’s meteoric rise in the 2000s with movies like Corky Romano, Undercover Brother, Monkeybone, and Adam & Steve.

Chris Kattan had been interviewed by TMZ reporters earlier this year, where he spoke on his ideas for A Night at the Roxbury 2, which would consist of Doug Butabi being in prison, but getting out and wanting to start the club life again with Steve (Ferrell). He also shared it would be the aging Butabi brothers trying to fit in with the new club crowd, and a possible third “long lost” Butabi brother coming into the picture. SNL did have a sketch where the Butabi brothers were joined by Jim Carrey, who would be excellent as the third lost Butabi brother.

Since 2019, Chris Kattan has appeared in five movies and one episode of The Cuphead Show. It appears that he has been slowly working his way back into more mainstream releases, apart from his return to the stand-up comedy circuit. Hopefully, the surgery that was administered to the actor was an isolated incident, and he is going to recover fully.

For now, we can all be thankful that Chris Kattan is expected to make a full recovery. The man is likely to take some time off to recover, before returning to the stand-up stage. Also, this proposed A Night at the Roxbury sequel needs to be moved forward because the original is arguably one of the best comedies ever made.

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