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'Shadow and Bone': Season 2 Character Posters Show Alina, Mal, the Darkling

Collider 3/15/2023 Diego Peralta
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It's time for the leading characters of the show to step into the spotlight, as Netflix has shared three new images showing Alina (Jessi Mei Lee), Mal (Archie Renaux) and the Darkling (Ben Barnes) ready to face whatever their latest adventure will throw at them. The second season of Shadow and Bone is set to debut on the platform tomorrow, continuing the journey of Alina and Mal as they try to save their universe, in an adaptation of the 2013 novel titled Siege and Storm, written by the saga's creator, Leigh Bardugo.

The design of the poster is similar to the ones seen in those shared by the studio earlier this week, with a black background behind the characters, highlighted by a golden symbol related to their identity. With the release of the new episodes just around the corner, Netflix has made sure other characters, such as Genya (Daisy Head) and David (Luke Pasqualino), appeared in their own posters, displaying the variety of talent included on the show's cast. People from all over the Grishaverse appear to be ready for when it's time to come back Ravka, a land in danger of being submerged into darkness.

In the upcoming second season, Alina and Mal will search for creatures that are believed to have the ability of amplifying their powers, so they can have an advantage when battling against the Darkling. Not even the scars formed on his face during the first season will keep the Shadow Summoner from his quest of making sure Ravka never sees the light of the Sun again. It will be up to the show's leading pair to stop him, before it's too late and life as they know it is nothing more than a memory.

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The Author Is Ready to Share the Keys to The Grishaverse

Leigh Bardugo created the universe where Shadow and Bone takes places, writing the main saga novels, as well as the spin-offs. The writer was also very involved with the first season of the television adaptation, making sure her characters had a great transition from the pages to the screen. During an interview with Collider, Bardugo explained how different it was to produce a television show, and how it affected her ability to write novels. Here's what the writer had to say regarding why she took a step back from the second season:

"I made a deal with myself that if we got a second season, I was going to take a step back from the adaptation process and be a little bit less hands-on. And I think that that is not only something I did because I needed to get back to writing books and I simply did not have the time. There's an amount of decision fatigue that sets in when you're working on production and post and all of it that for me, really impacted my ability to write novels. So that was part of it." Nevertheless, the author has complete trust on the team behind and in front of the camera, and she's looking forward to seeing what Netflix has in store.

You can check out the new character posters for Shadow and Bone, featuring Alina, Mal and the Darkling below:

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