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The Boys: 10 Differences Between Herogasm In The Show And Comics

GameRant logo GameRant 6/28/2022 Jake Fillery
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The extremely graphic and controversial comic series, The Boys, recently got a live-action adaptation over at Amazon Prime. In The Boys, many fans have been dreading the appearance of the infamous Herogasm event, a location for superheroes all over to engage in debauchery.

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As season 3 of The Boys continues, fans have finally run out of room to run, and the entirely unholy Herogasm is upon us all with Season 3, Episode 6. Herogasm features many similarities and differences between the TV version and the comic version, which is no surprise, considering just how horrifying the comic pages can be.

Spoiler warning for Amazon Prime Video's The Boys and the comics.

Soldier Boy The Ally

Soldier Boy wants revenge against his old superhero team, Payback, and Butcher is happy to help as long as he uses his powers to kill Homelander next. Their agreement has The Boys help locate members of Payback for Soldier Boy to kill.

Soldier Boy being an ally to Butcher and Hughie isn’t something that is explored in the comics, mainly because Soldier Boy is a pathetic and cowardly character who seeks the validation of other superheroes. In fact, in Herogasm, Soldier Boy has intercourse with Homelander to try and be part of The Seven.

Everyone Goes To Herogasm

No one is safe from the depravity that is Herogasm. Every hero goes, even if they are not interested in sexual and drug-filled activities. Everyone from A-list heroes like Homelander to Z-list heroes with no names goes to Herogasm. It’s a gigantic resort in which all evidence of their being there is erased.

Herogasm in the comics involves everyone, including Starlight and Queen Maeve. Maeve, as of season 3, episode 5, is in an unknown location after being kidnapped by Black Noir. The show’s version only features C-list heroes and one member of The Seven involved in the activities: The Deep.

“Imagine” By John Lennon

In the comic, Homelander has a press conference in which he tells the world of the Battelite of the Marith’rai. This alien race has come to invade Earth, and all heroes and villains must assemble to beat them in space. This was a ruse and allowed the heroes to have a weekend of debauchery.

In the Amazon Prime series, heroes and celebrities make a YouTube video stating how awful the recent villain attacks have gotten, and they parody Gal Gadot and other celebrities that sang “Imagine” by John Lennon in March 2020 in response to the lockdowns from the pandemic.

Homelander’s Mirror Conversation

Homelander is, at the surface, an evil Superman. In the comic, there are major reveals about Homelander’s character that come toward the end of the comic’s run. In the live-action series, Homelander’s descent into insanity is a slow burn and something that has been slowly unraveling across season 3.

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As the walls close in, and everyone around Homelander seems to abandon him, his reflection starts to talk to him. They chat, laugh and cry. Homelander is more unhinged than first realized, and this personality disorder adds more to his character than in the comic.

Founded By Solider Boy

As Butcher takes Soldier Boy to the location of the superhero naked party, Solider Boy proclaims with annoyance that Herogasm is “his thing”, as he founded it with the first annual party in 1952 with another hero called Liberty.

As for the comic version of Herogasm, the superhero treat was an annual event that was funded specifically by Vought-American, to help heroes relieve stress in the most messed up of ways. Amazon Prime having Soldier Boy be directly involved in Herogasm proves just how different the character is, and how unknowing fans are about where his character will go.

The Herogasm House

Herogasm, the notable event in which heroes enter the insane and depraved sexual activity, is housed at the humble soiree of the TNT twins, Tommy and Tessa. These two were a part of Payback, but only in the show and not the comics. This large mansion houses the annual Herogasm event.

Located at Isla McFarlane, 1131 miles due west from Costa Rica, the Herogasm island awaits. It’s an isolated and tropical location that takes up an entire island of heroes and innocent sex workers, a much different environment to the one in the TV show.

Frenchie And Kimiko’s Adventure

The Frenchman and The Female are often seen together in the comic. The Female is a selective mute, with intense power and strength thanks to falling into a pot of Compound V waste. They appear alongside Hughie, Mothers Milk, and Butcher in the comic, as all are on the same page in this event.

However, in the Amazon Prime show, Mothers Milk leaves the group after discovering they want to work with Soldier Boy, the killer of his family. Frenchie and Kimiko are also out of action and have their own story involving a fierce mobster, and thus take no part in Herogasm.

Love Sausage’s Appearance

A fan-favorite character in the comic is Love Sausage. A Russian ex-superhero who occasionally helps The Boys whenever they visit his bar in Moscow. He is wildly charismatic, if not a little naive about certain subjects. Love Sausage is a lot of fun, and is noted for his excessively large sexual organ.

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This character is vastly different from Amazon Prime’s The Boys, and his sexual organ is his power. It moves as if it is sentient, and even opens the door to let Starlight and MM inside the house. His appearance at Herogasm is new, as it never happened in the comic because he also hates Supes.

Soldier Boy v. Homelander: Dawn of Herogasm

When Soldier Boy and Homelander meet during the comic’s iteration of Herogasm, things are a little bit different. Homelander abuses his power as the leader of The Seven to solicit Soldier Boy into having intercourse with him since Solider Boy hopes this will do what it takes to join the A-list superhero team.

When Soldier Boy and Homelander meet in the show’s version of Herogasm, it is far from the comic. The battle, and is very entertaining and tense. Their punch-up is well choreographed, with both characters hellbent on killing each other. It’s also the first time we get to see Butcher fight Homelander, one on one.

Everyone Dies

When Soldier Boy confronts TNT, the team members that he believes betrayed him and left him tortured in Russia, he hears a familiar song. This song is playing on the radio, and gives him traumatic flashbacks to his torture in Russia, and thus triggers his explosive chest that destroys the Herogasm house, and countless people inside, both heroes and otherwise.

Not a lot of people die in the comics’ version of Herogasm, as The Boys are merely there to blackmail more heroes, and for one target in particular. Of course, a few people do die as they get in The Boys’ way, but nothing as major as the show’s fallout.

Season 3 of The Boys is available now on Amazon Prime Video.

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