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The Talk - Jack Osbourne on Selma Blair Reaching Out Prior to Going Public with MS

Guest co-host Jack Osbourne reveals Selma Blair reached out to him prior to going public with her MS diagnosis. "When I got diagnosed with MS, the biggest thing for me was just hearing from people who've lived with it... Just to get an understanding, because MS is so different with everyone. I have MS, Selma has MS, and our symptoms are completely different," says Osbourne. "I was just kind of sharing with her my experience and what it had been for the last six years. We still keep in touch and communicate." On the one tip he'd give to someone with MS, he says, "You gotta find your new baseline, because it's so different with everyone. Where is my new norm, and what does that look like," and adds, "My kids end up being my biggest kind of thing that keeps me grounded and focused."
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