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This Is What Westworld Is Really About And How It Will All End

TheThings 10/3/2022 Dylan Parker
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Spoilers Ahead For Westworld Season 4There seems to be confusion about whether or not the end of Westworld season 4 was actually the series finale. Given its finality, and how many of the characters come full circle, some fans believe there isn't even a need for a final season. But it appears the HBO show, which has made Evan Rachel Wood a fortune, does indeed have one final installment to go.

What fans may not know about the series is that co-creators Lisa Joy and Jonathan Nolan always envisioned the A.I. mind bender to be five seasons long. And they cleverly planted hints and Easter eggs that suggest how the show will end.

During an interview with Vulture, co-creator Lisa Joy shed light on both how the show might end as well as what the series is really about from a bird's eye perspective.

What Is The Point Of Westworld?

Westworld is about a lot of things. Every season adds to an increasingly complex tapestry of interwoven ideas. While some have been more effective than others, there's no doubt that Westworld tackles timely, evocative, and controversial subjects. Most prevalent of all is the questioning of one's reality.

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When asked by Rebecca Alter at Vulture about whether this was the main intent of the show, co-creator Lisa Joy admitted, "Yeah, I think the questioning of self is always a good thing."

However, she added, "Not to the extent that it leads to complete stasis and paralysis, but the questioning of the thoughts and behaviors we’ve inherited, the types of people and things we’re modeling ourselves into. The osmosis we have for culture and history is pervasive and complete, and nobody can escape it except by constant questioning, which allows for tiny windows to open where maybe you can change behavior or learn a new way of interacting with the world."

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Later in the interview, Lisa revealed another message the series tries to land on its audience. While talking about the simulated world that Dolores creates for herself in season 4, Lisa mentioned that the A.I. created both allies and antagonists for herself.

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"Dolores also brought people to antagonize her, like her boss. We’ve always postulated on the show that adversity as much a catalyst for change, for awareness and questioning, as success. If everything was hunky-dory and she just had Teddy and her wonderful roommate, there would be no need to question the nature of her reality. But this internal dissatisfaction and the problems of the world at large seem to be intruding upon her in a way she ultimately can’t ignore."

Will There Be A Season 5 Of Westworld?

At the time of this writing, it is suggested that Westworld will be renewed for a fifth and final season, but HBO has yet to formally announce it. According to Westworld co-creator Lisa Joy, the series hasn't been renewed but she is very hopeful.

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After all, according to her, Westworld was always supposed to be five seasons long with a very clear ending.

What Will Happen In Westworld Season 5?

Given that more than half of the cast of Westworld is knocked off by the end of the fourth season, fans wonder what the fifth and final installment will actually look like. When asked about the finality of the deaths in Westworld season 4, Lisa Joy said, "There were a lot of deaths this season and some of them are deaths to be respected on their own terms."

She continued by saying, "It’s weird because you don’t want to call it death with an AI, right?"

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Lisa then addressed what happened to Tessa Thompson's Charlotte Hale, who crushes her own pearl on the embankment of a river.

"Hale chooses to no longer continue in that incarnation, and for an AI to crush her pearl, that is a sign of I’m done here. It’s been an interesting moment to me, in terms of current events, with so many people talking about wanting to prolong youth and live forever and upload their psyches into the freaking web and continue to be this discombobulated body wooing over others for generations to come. Something about that seems very unenlightened to me."

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"Hale understands this. She’s seen her story through. She got a chance to rule the way she wanted. She’s been human, and she’s found her own identity as a host, and she is making room for what comes next."

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While it seems that Charlotte Hale's story has concluded, other characters may have a chance at returning. And they may do so in a monumental way. When asked about which character's version of reality she'd like to live in, Lisa claimed that her answer might be a spoiler for the final season.

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"I feel like [my answer is] a spoiler if we get a next season," Lisa admitted. "Looking at different ways of governing a world and living in a world and different archetypes for leading that world has been an interesting part of the seasonal progressions. All the characters are trying to figure out how to survive and how to create a good society."

As for if she and her team have a concrete plan for how the series will conclude, Lisa claimed there's a clear path. One that has been hidden in plain sight.

"We’ve left clues and flash-forwards throughout the season as to things that will happen."

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