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Why is Julian McMahon Leaving 'FBI: Most Wanted'?

Newsweek 3/9/2022 Samuel Spencer

FBI: Most Wanted is about to lose one of its special agents. Season 3, Episode 8 (which will air March 8) of the CBS show will be the last featuring Jess LeCroix, played for the last three seasons by Julian McMahon.

In the episode, titled "Shattered," Jess and Sarah (Jennifer Landon) are setting out on a dream vacation, while the Most Wanted team are on the hunt for an abusive boyfriend.

In the lead-up to McMahon's last episode, the former Nip/Tuck actor released a statement that revealed exactly why he is exiting the show after 40 episodes.

We also know exactly who is set to fill the place left in the team by LaCroix.

Why Julian McMahon is leaving FBI: Most Wanted

In a statement, the actor said: "Over the past few months, the producers of FBI: Most Wanted and I have had discussions about my departure from the show in favor of additional creative pursuits and the transition of my character Jess LaCroix. These ongoing conversations have given us an opportunity to orchestrate a seamless and productive way for me to leave the show."

He added: "​​I wish the show, and its cast & crew, the greatest success in the future. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to play Jess; he is a good man."

FBI: Most Wanted creator Dick Wolf, meanwhile, reacted to the news by releasing his own statement reading: "We are saddened to see Julian leave. His portrayal of agent Jess LaCroix has been a key factor in the success of FBI: Most Wanted. We will miss him and we wish him the best in his next chapter."

The synopsis for the actor's last episode reads: "The team pursues an abusive man on the war path to find his ex-girlfriend, who is trying to escape him for good. Also, Jess and Sarah make plans to take their dream vacation together."

Asked how McMahon would be exiting the show, executive producer David Hudgins said to Deadline: "The episode is a combination of two things. It's a very intense episode about domestic violence, which is something we'd always wanted to do because it's such a huge problem in this country right now. It also ties in thematically with Jess' experience with Sarah's (Jan Landon) stalker, Hugh. We felt like that was an interesting additional layer to the episode. And then on top of that, we've got Jess and Sarah in a very good place, talking about going on the first vacation that Sarah has ever seen Jess take."

Dylan McDermott in "Law & Order: Organized Crime." The actor is set to join "FBI: Most Wanted." CBS © CBS Dylan McDermott in "Law & Order: Organized Crime." The actor is set to join "FBI: Most Wanted." CBS

Who will replace Julian McMahon on FBI: Most Wanted?

In the coming weeks, McMahon's place will be taken by another familiar face from TV—Dylan McDermott, who has left NBC's Law & Order: Organized Crime in order to take the role.

Details of his character have not been revealed yet, but we do know that he will be joining the CBS procedural from its April 12 episode.

FBI: Most Wanted airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. ET / 9 p.m. CT on CBS.

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