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Man Sitting On Couch Looks Up To See Missing 7-Year-Old Girl Has Wandered Into His Home 11/26/2022 Amy P
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Anton Montgomery was at his Chicago home on a quiet Monday afternoon, relaxing on the couch and watching some TV.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, Anton saw an unfamiliar face peering back at him. It was 7-year-old Destiny Arzola, a little girl with Down syndrome.

This story first appeared on LittleThings in November 2018.

Destiny had somehow managed to wander away from school, winding up outside Anton's house a few blocks away. She opened his back door and walked right inside.

Anton shot up off the couch and asked her if she was OK. He assumed she was a student at the nearby elementary school, so he took her hand and safely led her back — filming the shocking encounter with his phone. Anton, who has kids of his own, was furious at the school and wanted answers as to how this could have happened.

When he brought Destiny back to the school several blocks away, the staff confirmed she was indeed a student there and expressed their gratitude to Anton for doing the right thing.

Destiny's mom was horrified that her daughter was able to wander from school, but so grateful she walked into Anton's home.

However, the story was about to take an even more troubling turn.

Once Anton spoke with the school administrators about the situation, he spoke out publicly about their reaction — and it was the type of reaction he never saw coming.

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