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Some ‘Survivor 43’ Fans Think The Drowning Challenge Should’ve Ended Differently

Showbiz CheatSheet logo: MainLogo Showbiz CheatSheet 12/1/2022 Nicole Weaver

A classic Survivor challenge was brought back. Fans have a lot to say about how Jeff Probst ended it.

[Spoiler alert: This article contains spoilers from Survivor Season 43 Episode 11, “Hiding in Plain Sight.”]

‘Survivor 43’ showed a shocking ending to the water challenge

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“Hiding in Plain Sight” showed the cast going into the water and staying under a grated steel barrier for a challenge. When the tide rises, they have to hold their breath until it hopefully lowers. The person who outlasts the rest gets immunity. Cody Assenmacher also found an advantage and bet Owen Knight would win, so if he does then he gets immunity too.

Cody, Karla Cruz Godoy, Owen, and Cassidy Clark managed to stay past an hour. But Cody left after staying underwater for a long time.

The rest stayed underwater for 90 minutes. Cassidy was the next one to leave. Probst then announced the tide was dropping, which ruins the challenge. Production decided to end it and give Owen and Karla immunity. Since Owen won, Cody was safe for Tribal Council too.

Some ‘Survivor’ fans think there should’ve been a tiebreaker

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Fans reacted to the episode on Reddit. While many of them were impressed by the cast’s performance, they thought production could’ve handled things differently.

“Jeff is such a softie. Should have gone to a breath holding tie breaker,” one person claimed.

“That was awesome BUT I miss the old days, Tom and Ian going for 12-15 hours in the dead of night battling it out in true Survivor fashion. Challenge shouldn’t have ended with that much daylight left imo,” another fan wrote.

“Why did they just call the challenge like that? Safety people said so?” someone asked.

“This is corny. That comp is now retired forever,” one viewer commented.

“Normally I would be pissed to see them stop a challenge with 2 players left. However, Karla and Owen definitely deserved it,” a fan disagreed. “I’m still pissed, there needs to be some sort of tiebreaker even if it’s completely separate from the challenge. Having 2 people immune out of 7 is terrible,” another person replied.

Who was voted out after the tie?

Every vote counts at this point in the season. Cassidy, Mike Gabler, Jesse Lopez, and Sami Layadi were in danger of going home. Sami knew he was in danger since he was left out of the last vote and voted for Karla.

At Tribal Council, he announced he was playing his Shot in the Dark. Karla was upset about this because he wouldn’t be able to vote, and it showed he didn’t trust her.

Sami played it, but he didn’t gain safety. Everyone else voted out Sami, and so he’s joining the jury.

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