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"There's something wrong here": Mom Discovers The Dark Reason Behind Her Son's "Cruel" Action Towards Her Daughters

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A distraught mother has posted her concerns to the AITA subreddit about her son who gave her twin daughters peanut butter – knowing that it makes them sick.

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Her Son Usually Gets Along Really Well With His Sisters And Often Babysits Them

The mom started her post off by explaining that she has three kids. A 15-year-old son and 8-year-old twin daughters who get along really well and love each other.

The post continues with the OP mentioning that she and her husband often have events they go to some nights, and will ask their son if he can watch his sisters. He usually says yes, but if he has plans, the OP will ask her mothers instead. 

"So on Friday night we had an event to go to and I again asked my son if he'd be willing to babysit. He said sure and that was it."

When They Came Back Home, They Found One Of Their Daughters "Puking Her Guts Out" And The Other Crying

The OP and her husband came back home around midnight and decided to go and check on their kids. Their son was fast asleep and they assumed everything was fine until they went to check on the twins.

One was "puking her guts out", while the other was sitting up crying. The OP's son couldn't hear their distress as they were clearly woken up from their sleep before "all broke loose", so were very quiet with their suffering.

The OP and her husband managed to calm the girls down before they decided to tell them about the events of the evening. 

Apparently their big brother was in a sour mood and was being really mean to them. When they asked him for food because they were hungry, he gave them a jar of peanut butter. 

The OP explains that the twins cannot have peanut butter. They aren't allergic to it, but it can make them very sick.

"My son knows this and the peanut butter is kept out of the twins sight and reach and is literally only in the house for him."

The girls know this as well but were extremely hungry, and their brother told them they "had" to eat it.

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She Decides To Confront Her Son About, But He Brushes Her Off

The next morning, the OP woke her son up and asked him if what the twins told him was true.

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"He just made a noise and was all like "the little snitches... yeah so they had a little peanut butter what's the big deal?""

The OP decided to refresh his memory about how the twins can't have peanut butter, and that she also didn't like how they said he acted towards them the previous night. Especially when he told them they had to eat it.

"He just told me to stop overthinking," she wrote, "he forgot peanut butter makes them that sick, he only said they had to eat it because he didn't want them going hungry, he didn't feel like ordering, cooking or warming up leftovers either and also the twins were being annoying."

This is when the OP told him that what he did was cruel and that she wasn't sure if she could trust him with babysitting his sisters anymore.

"He just rolled his eyes and told me that I'm being really dramatic and that the twins will be fine, I don't need to act like this. He's really upset with me and every time me or his dad say anything, he'll just reply with "oh I thought I was cruel? I thought you couldn't trust me?""

How the OP is concerned about her son's behavior and wondering if she was in the wrong, but many people agreed her son was way out of line.

One user wrote, "NTA. If this had been someone other than your son, I'd be calling it abuse and assault. Certinally negligent. He is clearly unreliable and I'd be very upset. The fact you let your son talk to you in such a manner is alarming as well."

However, not everyone was on the OP's side, with one user writing, "Yep. There's something wrong here. I have to say, I'm making some unkind assumptions about how the boy has been parented up until this point, if he talks to his mother like this and she still has to look for reassurance and affirmation here."

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But There Was A Darker Reason Behind Her Son's Behavior

The OP posted an update to the story, where the reason behind the son's behavior was because of something much darker.

The OP explains in the follow up post that her son only reacted the way he did because he was reminded of the time he was sexually assaulted after he interacted with the person who did the horrible thing to him earlier that day. 

She explains that when she decided to sit him down and talk about his behavior towards his sisters, he seemed really nervous and fidget-y. He asked the OP if they could wait until his dad came home so he could talk about what was going on. 

However, the OP wants to raise awareness for boys who are victims of such deeds. She wants everyone to understand it DOES happen to them and it's up to us as parents to be there for them.

"My son is 6ft tall and has the build of a true hockey player and it happened to him. He's not shy and is never afraid to speak his mind, but he still kept it a secret. Don't make my mistakes," she concluded.

Source: Reddit


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