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Amazing REAL Ghost Video - Scary Paranormal Activity Caught on Tape - Video Tape Analysis

**Please LIKE/FAVE/SHARE** Watch the ORIGINAL UNCUT Version: NEWS STORY: This video shows paranormal activity of a ghost caught on camera on the eve of October 31st 2010 at Morialta Falls in Adelaide, Australia. Extremely Scary Ghost Elevator Prank in Brazil CLICK HERE: Morialta Falls Conservation Park, located in the Adelaide foothills, has long been a favourite spot for Adelaidians wishing to escape the hustle and bustle of the city in exchange for some time well spent with nature and exercise. Adelaide residents have heard of a friendly ghost dwelling at Waterfall Gully, which is another beautiful conservation park in Adelaide at a completely separate location, but no one had ever heard of any strange supernatural events occurring at Morialta Falls. Incidentally, on February 22nd 2010 there was news aired of a man reported dead at Morialta Conservation Park, lying on the First Falls track by the waterfall. The police had confirmed through their investigations that the death was not at all suspicious. It was on October 31st of 2010 that several teenagers (whom wish to remain completely anonymous) arrived late to the park just before nightfall. On this day, the eldest youth (the driver) recalls daring his two friends to climb up with him to the giant cave in the dark and try and film some ghost footage before going back to their friend's house later to watch a horror film. At the time they all thought it was quite funny and exciting until one of them grazed their arm, falling over on their way up to the cave. No one had thought to bring a flashlight along. As the night grew quickly darker, they recall their laughter fading into a stern silence as the lucky designated videographer turned on the camera ready to record. Though the teens were a little scared, they weren't expecting to capture anything supernatural on tape and were out there mostly for the thrill of it, with it also being Halloween. After waiting silently for a short period of time they remember freezing still like stone and their hearts pounding loudly in their chests as they eye-witnessed a strange entity moving seemingly peacefully, yet eerily up towards the great cave from below. One of the younger two eye-witnesses remembers his heart beating so loudly that he couldn't hear anything else. Being scared to move, the three teens recall waiting in the darkness as the figure walked sideways across the cave. And then, just as quickly as the entity had appeared, it disappeared. With the unsuspicious natural death which occurred in February of 2010, it is possible that this paranormal activity is connected in some way to that event. Though, it is possible that the two occurences are completely unrelated. The three teens remember feeling strangely composed despite being frozen with fear, which they found truly quite bizarre. Morialta Falls is such a beautiful sanctuary and is so highly revered by locals and holiday travellers alike seeking health, rejuvenation, meditation, and time-out. Being out there in nature seems to do everyone the world of good, well on most days anyway...... Click here to read the online official Australian News article: Featured horror theme music - Copyright 2011 © Fluffy Jet Productions Do you still remember watching the Ghostbusters films? Looks like the third installment "Ghostbusters 3 the movie" will be out next year! Halloween is not far away. Looking forward to celebrating Halloween and dressing up in my scariest horror attire. Spending the evening as a vampire, warlock or demon would always be an adventure ! Trick or treat and a crazy Halloween Party, here we come! Web Links:
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