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(Drake) Jimmy's Degrassi Rap [Actual Video] W. lyrics

The artist Drake (Formally known as degrassi's jimmy) does his first rap on degrassi Ashley decides she wants to get back into the music industry, and brings Jimmy along for the ride. Performing at an open-mic night, Jimmy outshines her. Season 7, Episode 7; Its Tricky Subscribe && request vids Ashley: You say its simple its who you wanna be Look in the mirror you are what you see. DoucheBag #1: LAME, play a craig song. Douchebag#2: You suck! More like a no talent contest. Ashley: You say its simple The arch your wings high Tell the truth, why ya have to hide Jimmy: Look, me and the mic we co-exist my flow is a glass box with no exits so you could observe while you trapped in it took my ladies track and sprinkled some rap in it they tellin` me lies Ashley: Whats wrong with being someone else no shame in living that way Tell me lies Jimmy: They like please, please tell me your reality J we cant phantom how it feels to be forever confined my mother always told me what to do with my best foot so to this day you know that it is never behind and metaphorically im ahead of the rest and proud of the fact that I've accomplished that and everytime I say that I can do it myself in the same breath i wonder where my accomplice at its like tell me anything but the truth cause I dont really know if i can take it now tell me anything
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