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First Cousin Once Removed (Trailer @ CPH:DOX 2013)

Info & Tickets: We immediately sense that the poet, teacher and critic Edwin Honig was an extraordinary man with a keen intellect and a playfully warm heart. And he basically still is. He is just in the process of becoming someone else, or maybe a reduced version of himself. Honig's memory is slowly disappearing as a result of Alzheimer's. With 'First Cousin Once Removed', the award-winning director Alan Berliner has created a poignant and cheerful portrait of his distant cousin. And also a lucid and deeply thought-provoking film about the relationship between memory and identity, which rises above the close-up portrait of a single man. At one point, Edwin Honig sees an old recording of himself and asks who he's watching. Alan answers, that it's himself, to which Honig replies: 'I'm not impressed.' It is in glimpses like these that something immensely human is revealed, while Honig with a stranger's eye reflects on the last chapter of his own life story. Berliner's film was the highly deserved winner of the main award at the documentary film festival IDFA in Amsterdam last year.
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