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'Take Some Love and Pass It On' by Joel Lindsey

Link to the song: Written by Joel Lindsey JOEL LINDSEY - Vocals, guitars, keys TIM COLLEGE - Drums JAMES KURASCH - Bass guitar Audio mixed and mastered by Tim College Music video by James Palanza Made in Pittsburgh, PA WWW.JOELLINDSEY.COM Lyrics: 1. Staring at the walls trying to understand How, when and why did it get so bad? One moment you’re out in the open free to the next, you can't even sit next to me When all you need is hope but the hope is gone… Chorus Take some love and pass it on 2 Neighbors stand divided on every street find some common ground in the space between don't tell one another how to live cos you’ll only forget how to forgive leave the past behind where it belongs 3. You're not the only one who cant get out of bed the world’s got a heavy heart and an aching head You try to reason with all your might but you still cant see the tunnel's light instead of caving in, try to look beyond....
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