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Talking Sopranos #19 w/guest Lorraine Bracco "The Happy Wanderer"

Lorraine Bracco (Dr Melfi) joins Michael Imperioli and Steve Schirripa for a very special Talking Sopranos podcast. She reveals how David Chase originally wanted her to play Carmela, but she said it was Melfi or nothing. She also talks about how she was absolutely blown away when she first saw The Sopranos pilot, and shares some crazy stories about what James Gandolfini used to do to her off camera. This week the Pundit returns and Steve goes absolutely ballistic. Is there really anything to the theory that Tony actually dies in season one? It’s Steve vs the Pundit round 2. Then Michael and Steve break down this week’s episode. Tony is now running the executive card game but when an old friend loses big, things are definitely headed down a bad road. Talking Sopranos Episode #19 The Happy Wanderer, Sopranos S2 E6. Don’t forget to subscribe to Talking Sopranos on You Tube and post your questions for Michael and Steve at FOLLOW HERE: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter:
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