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The Talk - Paul Bettany Shares Gifting Advice He Got From Anna Wintour

"WandaVision" star Paul Bettany shares the gift giving advice he once received from Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour. "I asked Anna Wintour, I was at a dinner party with her, and I thought, I'm just starting conversation. Look, I've got this problem. Coming up my wife's [Jennifer Connelly] birthday is December 12, then there's Christmas, and then our anniversary is New Year's Day, so what do I do? Do I get one big present or three small presents? So she went, you get three big presents. And so she brought me into the Vogue offices, and she had this array of jewelry out with all of the price tags next to them." Bettany jokingly continues, "I kind of looked at the prices tags and I went 'Oh wow, you really misunderstood how much I love my wife. It's not that many zeros at all."
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