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Halloween 2016 Scariest Video. Must see to believe! Spooky as can be! Do you guys think this happened for REAL, or it's FAKE? Leave your thought below! CCTV Security Camera captures Black Entity, possibly a Ghost or a Demon, attack man in a hallway. Bone chilling moment as the spirit pushes him to the ground and drags him down the hall by his leg, before letting it's grip go and disappearing as fast as it appeared. The man then jumps up and runs for his life without even looking back. What would you do if this would happen to you? I love how people claim that the video is fake right away just because they think that ghosts are not real! Well, maybe the guy who was pushed down in the video and dragged half way down the hall didn't think ghosts were real either until the encounter. More and more of these kind of happening have been reported world wide. Maybe it's a sign... or maybe we are being invaded by aliens or shadow people! Who knows! Haunted House Scary Ghost Video. Ghost caught on tape. Demon Attack. Here are some recommended videos you might enjoy: Santa Claus Caught on Camera:
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