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We Refuse to be Used and Abused Official Music Video -- Afro Yaqui Music Collective

"We Refuse to be Used and Abused" or "Unity! (For the Struggle of Workers)" Composed by Fred Ho Arranged by Ben Barson Lyrics by Nejma Nefertiti Dancers: Lacouir Yancey and Peggy Myo-Young Choy Musicians: Ben Barson - Baritone Sax Nejma Nefertiti - EmCee Roger Romero - Tenor Saxophonist Alec Zander Redd - Alto Saxophone John Bagnato - Guitar Randraiz Wharton - Keyboard Chris Potter - Keyboard Beni Rossman - Electric Bass Hugo Cruz - Percussion Julian Powell - Drums Recording Engineer: Malcolm Inglis Mixing Engineer: Chris Potter Mastering Engineer: Kelly Hibbert Producer: Beni Rossman For more, see Maroon Futures is a six-track album that celebrates the struggle and lessons of maroons -- enslaved peoples who the escape the evils of the built world being erected on genocide and slavery, to the protective bosom of the natural world. The tracks lift up love, camaraderie, women’s empowerment (what we call revolutionary matriarchy), and the indomitability of the Maroon fighting spirit. We reject all forms of social exclusion, and we unite the sounds of Afro-Cuban culture, Chinese Opera, Indigenous languages, jazz, and hip-hop to say: our struggle is one. This album is dedicated to Russell Maroon Shoatz, known to his friends and family as “Maroon,” a political prisoner who has been incarcerated in the state of Pennsylvania for fifty years, with thirty years in solitary confinement. He was released into general population in 2014. Bandmembers contribute to the campaign to free Maroon through compassionate release through the office of Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf. Each of the tracks relate to causes that Maroon cares deeply about and writes on often: social justice, antiracism, women’s empowerment, and the struggle for a livable planet.
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