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Angels & Airwaves - Spellbound (Official Music Video)

Angels & Airwaves' new single "Spellbound" comes from their upcoming album 'LIFEFORMS' - out 9/24. Pre-save now at Stay on this page immediately following the video for "Spellbound" to watch Angels & Airwaves' Youtube Premium member-exclusive afterparty! Get YouTube Premium for access to the afterparty! Free trials are available for new members. Sign up now at Directed By: Tom DeLonge Director of Photography: Justyn Moro Produced By: Bad Beard Productions Executive Produced By: Opera Ghost MGMT/ Triple J Productions Edited By: Jen Kennedy Colored By: Tim @ The Apiary Production Designers - Jeffrey Pereira & Lee Duck  Laser Programming - Adam Labay  Laser Safety - Damien Blaise  Shot at Nightlight Studios LYRICS I’m so, lost in desire Can’t dig myself out — something’s out there pulling at me —like a ghost most definitely, yeah like having sex while on fire There’s no putting you out — always out there biting that leash — but you do it so delicately, yeah Hey now, I’ll never say I’m sorry I was never that coy — Pull the pin, your cracking my head — either way, I’m better off dead, yeah Your rope is gripping me much tighter I will figure you out — waiting for these cuts to sting — knowing how my heart will bleed, yeah Some day I think I might scare you I’ll be sneaking around — I’m a thief who would think it was fun — when u sleep, your alarm’s undone, yeah One day, you’ll know that I’m prowling Am I creeping you out — an enemy having bad intentions — like Halloween as an intervention That girl will be your end And she’ll bury you underground She’ll kill you now and then Cause your heart has been spellbound And if you try to run If it goes it comes around It’s not hard to die from love When your heart has been spellbound Follow Angels & Airwaves at Instagram: Twitter: Facebook: Youtube: TikTok: #AngelsAndAirwaves #Spellbound #Lifeforms
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