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Matt Westin - Thin Blue Line (lyrics)

The official lyric video for "Thin Blue Line". AVAILABLE EVERYWHERE!!! This song was inspired by my long-time friendships with some of the men and women in blue. They are some of the most loyal, selfless, brave, and inspiring people I’ve ever met. I’ve heard their horror stories. I’ve seen the heartbreak in their eyes. I’ve watched them deal with the darkest of what the world has to offer, and yet come home each day to be fathers and mothers, husbands and wives. The sacrifices they make and the bravery it takes to wonder if you’ll come home from work each day is something that I can’t begin to comprehend, because I haven’t had to. They chose to, for us. This song is to honor them. This is an anthem in tribute to everything that the “Thin Blue Line” stands for. Writers: Matt Westin & Joie Scott Producer: Bryan Cole Vocals: Matt Westin (recorded at OMNISound Studios Nashville) Background Vocals: Matt Westin & Bryan Cole Lead Guitar: Brent Mason Acoustic Guitar: B James Lowery Bass Guitar: Mike Brignardello Drums: John Hammond Keys: Dane Bryant Band Leader: Mike Brignardello Tracking Engineer: Erik Hellerman (recorded at Sound Emporium) Mixing Engineer: Mike Watts Mastered at Sterling Sound MTS Records 2021
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