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REMEMBER GRENFELL - A special memorial for the 4th Year Anniversary

Four years. No justice. No change, but an abundance of truth, with no action. Join us for a memorialisation of those we lost, a reflection on a number of projects concerned with mental health and some powerful statements on the struggle for justice and the future of the tower. The translation of Hassan A Hassan, who speaks very powerfully in Arabic at towards the end of the video, is here: "Peace to you, the four year anniversary of the Grenfell fire is upon us. As you can see we're in the same place we were for the first film by the nursery for Fethia and Hania I wanted to share with you the second building because it was the last place Rania went before the fire. This is the mosque that I met Rania for the first time. We married here and lived here in the flat above the mosque. It was a beautiful time, before we moved to Grenfell. Rania loved it here, Fathia and Hania and her always used to come here, I would be working and they would go. This place I personally like to come here a lot. I sit just like this and remember I used to speak to Fathia, Rania and I used to always come and walk in the park that is downstairs next to the building ,so now I am one of the people that was chosen to mark this anniversary for people from the building of course the people can never be erased from our memory. I want everyone in these areas to be one voice and one hand so that we can get justice for the people that we lost. As you see in the inquiry its playing out but nothing has happened, we are not waiting, thank God they are in a beautiful place and nice and we see it that they are in heaven a place, even more beautiful than here but the people that did this must be held accountable, thats my personal opinion. I stood in front of the judge and told them this "if you gave me all the money in the world, you could never bring back the word "Baba" again, so we have to be united and act as one hand so it can never happen again. I was asked where I've been for the last two years, I was travelling I was working to do something charitable for the children, after god provided it over almost three years I was in Sudan I made a mosque for them and thank God they called it the martyrs for Rania and Fathia and hope God accepts this act. The mosque I hope you will see the video and pics of it and inshallah there will schools for Quran inside it and lessons and there will be an opportunity for helping people that need it. I didn’t just make a mosque for people to pray in no, I did it so there would also be other things and if God provides and we work well on it it will also be an orphanage and we will sponsor as many orphans as we can, from the beginning up until they graduate. They grow up and graduate we will let them know how Rania, Fathia and Hania were. So all I ask is that you pray for us to make it happen other than that pray for mercy from God that our lord can help all of the countries suffering in the pandemic and the stuff happening and thank you very much." Follow Grenfell United: Instagram: Twitter: Facebook: Visit our website #GrenfellUnited #GrenfellTower #ForeverInOurHearts
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