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Bottle-fed calf happily waddles over for her breakfast

Josie is an adorable calf who lives on a beautiful farm in Ontario, Canada. She has the happiest life that a cow could have. Her herd wanders freely over lush green pastures with rolling hills and forested areas for shade. They have ponds full of fresh water to drink from and lots of clean, country air. They graze as they wish and snooze in the sun whenever the mood strikes. They even have a protective bull who watches over them as they enjoy their peaceful life. Josie is the daughter of Linda, a seasoned mother who has always done her best for her babies. But Linda's milk supply has been a little lacking this time around and she simply doesn't produce as much as her calf needs. This farm hand visits the meadow every morning, soon after sunrise to give Josie her breakfast. Josie has learned the routine and she strolls over, licking her lips in anticipation. She eagerly drinks the whole bottle in record time and then she wanders back to her mother and the herd. Linda is a patient and trusting mother who doesn't object to Josie getting served her breakfast.
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