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Cirque du Soleil performers manage the seemingly impossible

Cirque Du Soleil has become one of the most recognizable and impressive acrobatic acts in the world. They are known for performing feats of strength, balance, and coordination that seem impossible for humans to accomplish. The performers amaze their audience with their precision and timing as they fly through the air, leap and spin, and balance on one hand high above the stage. The performers add artistic flair and graceful dance-like moves for a spectacular and breath taking show. As if this were not enough, the acts are connected with a story plot that keeps the guests entertained and captivated even when the stage props are being switched. The musical performers that lend their talent make the show a complete delight in every respect. This Cirque Du Soleil show took place at a resort near Playa Del Carmen, Mexico. The actors used a mix of English, Spanish, French and mime skills to communicate with the crowd in what turned out to be an interactive experience that brought laughter and squeals of delight. They involved members of the audience to add brilliant comedy to the mix. One of the acts was a pair of gymnasts who displayed unbelievable talent. While the larger of the pair lay on a small couch with his feet extended straight up, the second performer leaped up and balanced on his feet. After a brief pause, the larger one spun and juggled the smaller one rapidly. He continually heaved his partner in the air, catching him each time while the audience watched with amazement. It seemed impossible that they would be able to time their efforts so precisely, yet they were flawless. The performer that was being spun was somehow able to combat the dizziness that must be inevitable with such constant spinning motion. The applause at the end was a clear indication of the appreciation that the audience felt for what these two were able to accomplish. If you haven't seen a Cirque du Soleil act, it's more than worth going.
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