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Cow tipping battle game will leave you in stitches

Cottage time in Canada is one of the best parts of summer. Cooling off in the lake on a hot day is part of the fun for this family in Ontario. But they took things to a new level when one of the family brought a new game to the cottage and challenged everyone to join in a competitive game of "Cow Tipping". These inflatable cows are designed to carry one passenger each as the riders square off against each other for a duel to try to knock the other off. The cows have side air bags that help keep things stable, allowing the rider to stay afloat. But the side air bags are clipped in and secured by a string that is attached to the bell at the front of the cow. When the bell and string are pulled, the clip underneath is released, allowing one side air bag to detach. This makes it impossible for the rider to balance and they will suddenly pitch forward and off the cow. Cameron and his mother, Kristy were the first contenders and they struggled with the proper technique to even get on the cows. Cameron managed to get on top of his cow by climbing off the dive raft. As he got his balance though, his foot caught the string and pulled the clip. He felt the side air bag swing wide and he knew he was about to tip. He tried to lean back and avoid the plunge. He had time to yell briefly and then his face was rocketed toward the water. With a big smack and a splash, Cameron hit the water and toppled off the cow while everybody laughed. Cameron's father can barely hold the camera steady as he howled with amusement. Cameron is a great sport and he climbed right back on his cow and continued with the challenge. Neither Cameron nor Kristy were able to ride the bulls for anything close to eight seconds as they found this game to be much harder, and even more fun than it looks. The game is actually called "Cow Tipping" and it's as much fun to watch as it is to play!
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