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Husky won't let mom wake up son for school

Dogs are such adorable creatures and we love them to absolute bits! If you are a fan of dogs and all the funny things they do, you’ll enjoy this video for sure! Nobody actually likes getting up early in the morning. Nevertheless, we all have to rise and shine because school and work await for us. However, if you are a dog, you can stay in bed for as long as you want, because you have no deadlines to meet. This hilarious video show a cute dog who really goes out of his way to make his favorite human, a little boy, stay in bed with him! This funny pooch really can't be bothered with the fact that the kid has to get up and go to school on a school morning He’d much rather spend the whole day snoozing, and he’s not afraid to show it. Each time the little boy’s mom tries to pull him out of the bed, the dog barks at her. LOL! So hilarious!
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