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Bloom of Bioluminescent Algae Stuns Beachside Residents in South Australia

Beach side residents near Port Lincoln were dazzled by blue-glowing bioluminescent algae on the evening of June 18.The algae appeared at the shores of South Australia on Sunday evening. According to ABC, the bright blue glow is caused by a plant plankton called Noctiluca scintillans. When physically agitated, they emit a blue/green glow of light as a defense mechanism to scare off predators. While the blooms are a beautiful phenomenon, The Australian said the brilliant display has a “sinister side”. The algae consume other plankton and their presence often indicates the end of a feast, leaving local shellfish with little-to-no food. This video shows videographer Mark Thomas taking a bot through the waters and interacting with the plankton. Credit: Mark Thomas via Storyful
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