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Devoted senior dog joins his owner walking laps during lockdown

Companion animals are really amazing. They always have your back and are there in your time of need. An elderly woman was frustrated that she couldn’t get outside to do her daily walking routine during the Covid 19 lockdown so she opted to do some indoor walking to pass the time. Her devoted poodle of 14 years decided that he would partake in some exercise as well and he adorably followed her as she made her rounds in the house. You could call this dog her shadow because he follows her wherever she goes. He is such a supportive little dog. Basically, you could say that it was two senior citizens supporting each other and isn’t that what friends are for? This dog named Dice has been with his owner through thick and thin. He supported her during the loss of her husband 10 years ago and during several other crisis situations. They are always there for each other in good times and bad. Poodles are extremely loyal dogs who become extremely bonded to their owners. They are happy animals who love having a sense of purpose and they really seem to understand the emotions of their owners. In this video you see the poodle follow it’s owner from room to room in an attempt to get some physical exercise while being cooped up at home . It’s very sweet to see. Hopefully this pair will enjoy many more years of supporting each other.
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