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'Stay Calm!': Dramatic Footage Captures Moment Whale Bumps Into Young Kayaker

Dramatic footage captured the moment a whale startled a young Australian boy while he was kayaking in Fortescue Bay, Tasmania. This video, filmed by Elena Gough, shows the whale circling the boy, named Will, in the kayak, before he paddles back to shore. Onlookers can be heard shouting and screaming, with one woman off camera yelling, “Stay calm, Will! Just stay calm!”. The boy can be heard saying, “I’m coming back, screw you whale!” before the animal surfaces to breathe through its blowhole. In an Instagram post Will’s mother Belle Gillespie said: “An absolutely gorgeous, relaxing sunset kayak around Fortescue Bay while camping last night turned into this horrifying ordeal. Will handled it like a pro, unlike his hysterical mother.” “The scariest moment of my parenting life by far…” Gillespie added. Credit: Elena Gough via Storyful
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