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'The Masked Singer’: Former Disney star takes a swan dive

Everything has been canceled and the world as we know it has become a dark, dark place. Even Eurovision isn’t happening this year. But at least we still have the magical, mystical, similarly bonkers The Masked Singer to keep us entertained and chip away at what collective sanity we have left. You know, I never expected to see Sarah Palin rapping “Baby Got Back” in a Care Bear onesie, nor did I expect that to not be the weirdest or most apocalyptic headline of last week. But, here we are. Anyway, this week’s eliminated celebrity cosplayer, whose shaky cover of Joan Jett’s “I Hate Myself for Loving You” failed to get much love, was actress Bella Thorne — judge Ken Jeong’s actual costar in the 2015 teen comedy The DUFF. But of course Ken didn’t guess that, because he was too busy thinking the Swan was, once again, Björk. “That’s classic Ken Jeong: never, ever guessing his costars. This is another Margaret Cho moment,” laughed judge Jenny McCarthy, referring to that time in Season 1 when Jeong failed to recognize the comedian who’d played his own sister on Dr. Ken. Ironically, Bella — whose character choice was a play on the name “Bella Swan” from Twilight — explained she decided to go on The Masked Singer because Ken kept guessing that last season’s similarly feathered creature, the Flamingo, was her. (That turned out to be Adrienne Bailon.) “I retweeted that, and that made me super-excited. I started watching the show, and I just thought it was so, so amazing, so dope. And I was like, ‘Let's do that,’” she said. I’m just disappointed, because I was hoping this time Ken would be right and this really would be Björk. But now that the Swan has sung her, um, swan song, let’s keep the America’s favorite guessing game going and play along at home.

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