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Donkey Kong Country - Theme [Restored]

If you like these restorations, consider donating at or MP3: FLAC: Theme from Donkey Kong Country restored to studio quality. This was made possible by locating the original audio samples used to create the soundtrack from the keyboard workstations they came from (such as the Korg Wavestation and Roland R8) and combining them with the music instruction data ripped from the game, plus a little mixing and mastering magic to create what the track would have sounded like if the veil of 16-bit compression was lifted. You can find the rest of the tracks as well as the FLStudio project files, the audio samples used to create it, the music instruction data converted to MIDI, and the original compressed samples from the game in this dropbox hub: This is part of a project to restore the entire DKC Series soundtrack. Follow me on Twitter for more updates

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